Turtle Lays Eggs in Bunker at Golf Course

May 31, 2016

A Pennsylvania golf club is going the extra mile to turn one of its hazards into a hatchery.

Groundskeepers at Wildwood Golf Club in Pittsburgh noticed a snapping turtle touching up the bunker guarding the fourth green on Sunday morning.

The club borders a creek and features several small ponds, so turtles are frequently seen on the course, but this one was expecting: she dug a hole into the face of the bunker six inches deep, laid a dozen eggs and covered them with sand.

Club officials are embracing their newfound responsibility. They marked the area off as “ground under repair” and announced that a free drop would be awarded to players whose ball comes to rest near the nest “in an effort to help these baby turtles hatch and thrive.”

Superintendent Tom Fisher told GOLF.com that the turtle trap was a hot topic of happy conversation in the grill room throughout Memorial Day weekend.

“Everyone likes it,” Fisher said. “You can’t screw with Mother Nature.”

Check it out below.