U.S. Open 2019: Local and sectional qualifying sites, results

April 27, 2019

One of the best things about the U.S. Open is the fact that anyone — amateur or professional — has a chance to get into the field. All you need to do is maintain a handicap index of 1.4 or lower, pay your entry fee, and you can work your way through qualifying to tee it up with the best players in the world at Pebble Beach in June. This year, 8,602 players signed up for the opportunity.

So how does it work? It all starts with local qualifying. Each of those 8,602 players must begin their U.S. Open journey through local qualifying. Only 500 of those players will move on to a sectional qualifier, and each local qualifier host course receives a sectional qualifier allocation based on the field size. For example, at one Hawaiian site, there are only 26 players in the field, so two players will move on to sectionals, while a Georgia site with 132 players will receive eight sectional spots. There are 114 rounds in total that will be played throughout the U.S. (and on one course in Canada) between May 2 and May 18 in the local qualifying round.

Once local qualifying is complete, sectionals begin on May 20 – June 3. This is the final stage of U.S. Open qualifying. There are 12 total sectional sites (nine in the U.S., one in Canada, one in England and one in Japan) at which the qualifiers will play 36 holes in one day. The number of qualifying spots into the U.S. Open is determined by the size and the strength of each sectional field.

For some holes, like the 7th at Pebble Beach, forgetting a camera is not an option.
For some holes, like the 7th at Pebble Beach, forgetting a camera is not an option.
Bob Atkins

There are 50 players already pre-qualified for the U.S. Open via 15 different exemptions categories established by the USGA. Many players (Tiger Woods, for example) qualify in multiple categories, like world ranking points and recent major victories. The good news for the local qualifiers who make it to sectionals? The U.S. Open field is set at 156 players, so there is plenty of space available for sectional qualifiers. The bad news? Pretty much every PGA Tour player who isn’t already exempt is given an exemption into a sectional qualifier, so the road to the U.S. Open becomes that much harder once you get through at the local level.

There is precedent, however, for local and sectional qualifiers making it to the U.S. Open and actually doing well in the championship. In 1964, Ken Venturi memorably won the U.S. Open after grinding through both the local and sectional qualifier. And just five years later in 1969, Orville Moody achieved the same feat.

Last year, 21 of the players in the 156-man field made it to the Open via both local and sectional qualifying.

The 2019 U.S. Open will be played at Pebble Beach Golf Links in Monterey, Calif. on June 13 – 16. It’s will be the sixth time in history the course has hosted a U.S. Open. You can find all the local and sectional qualifying site information and results below.


April 29

The Club at Hokuli’a, Kealakekua, Hawaii
Parker McLachlin, 69
Justin Keiley, 70
Juan Rodriguez, 71 (Alt)
Christopher Keiter, 71 (Alt)

Marietta Country Club, Kennesaw, Ga.
Maximilian Herrmann (a), 66
Bryson Nimmer (a), 66
Spencer Ralston (a), 67
Stephen Behr (a), 68
Ryan Elmore, 68
JT Griffin, 68
Jonathan Keppler (a), 68
David Li (a), 69
Jacob Tilton, 69 (Alt)
Parker Rostowsky (a), 69 (Alt)

The Hills Country Club (Signature Course), Austin
Pierceson Coody (a), 66
Max McGreevy, 66
Sebastian Vazquez, 66
Corey Pereira, 67
Brett Drewitt, 68
Creighton Honeck (a), 68
Andrew Novak, 69
William Holcomb (a), 69 (Alt)
Matthew Henson, 69 (Alt)

April 30

UNM Championship Golf Course, Albuquerque, N.M.
Sean Carlon (a), 70
Greg Condon (a), 71
Jere Pelletier, 71
Pablo Rincon, 71
Marty Sanchez, 72 (Alt)
Samuel Saunders, 72 (Alt)

Hot Springs Country Club (Arlington Course), Hot Springs, Ark.
Mitchell Ford (a), 68
Austin Gean (a), 69
Andre Jacobs (a), 69
Tanner Napier, 69
Mason Overstreet (a), 69
Kirk Thomas II, 69 (Alt)
Leonardo Di Marino, 69 (Alt)

May 1

Butte Creek Golf & Country Club, Chico, Calif.
Noah Norton (a), 67
Nicklaus Rivera (a), 69
Michael Slesinski (a), 69
Robert Bucey (a), 70
Ben Geyer Arbuckle, Calif., 70
Edd Hackett (a), 70 (Alt)
Matthew Sutherland (a), 71 (Alt)

River Landing, Wallace, N.C.
Patrick Cover, 61
Morgan Deneen (a), 69
Harrison Rhoades (a), 69
Wes Artac (a), 70
Benjamin Shipp (a),  71 (Alt)
Daniel Chopra, 71 (Alt)

Cog Hills Golf & Country Club (Dubsdread Course), Lemont, Ill.
Varun Chopra (a), 68
Brian Bullington, 71
David Perkins (a), 72
Zack Wax, 72
Mac McClear (a), 73
Charlie Netzel, 73 (Alt) 
Jack Musgrave (a), 73 (Alt)

The Country Club of Winter Haven, Winter Haven, Fla.
James Renner, 67
Grant Renegar, 68
Albin Bergstrom (a), 69
Roberto Rodriguez, 69
Spence Fulford, 70
Velten Meyer, 70 (Alt)
Grant Waite, 71 (Alt)

Highland Golf & Country Club, Indianapolis
Jeff Doty (a), 65
Tyson Alexander, 67
Brett Seward (a), 68
Michael Cascino (a), 68
Jamie Broce, 69
Yohann Benson, 70 (Alt)
Keegan Bronnenberg (a), 70 (Alt)

May 2

Hillendale Country Club, Phoenix, Md.
Matt Oshrine, 68
Christopher Zhang (a), 68
Austin Barbin (a), 69
David Kocher, 69 (Alt)
Joey Lane, 69 (Alt)

Sewailo Golf Course, Tucson
Stephen Allan, 65
Briggs Duce (a), 66
Drew Kittleson (a), 66
Daniel Ieremia, 67
Trevor Werbylo (a), 67 (Alt)
David Laskin (a), 68 (Alt)

The Grand Golf Club, San Diego
Samuel Cyr, 66
Shiryu (Leo) Oyo (a), 66
Eric Sugimoto, 68
Patrick Duncan Jr., 70
Vanslow Phillips, 70
Danny Ochoa, 71 (Alt)
Jack Townsend (a), 72 (Alt)

Amarillo Country Club, Amarillo, Texas
Riley Casey (a), 64
Andy Lopez (a), 66
Beau Burgess, 67
Kyle Hogan (a), 67 (Alt)
Jansen Smith (a), 68 (Alt)

Mission Inn Resort & Club, Howey-in-the-Hills, Fla.
Peter Campbell, 68
Garrett Rank (a), 69
Barry Babbitt, 70
Canon Claycomb (a), 70
Kyle Wilshire, 70 (Alt)
Christophe Stutts (a), 71 (Alt)

Country Club of York, York, Pa.
Alex Blickle, 68
Garrett Engle (a), 68
Matt Hardman, 68
Connor Flach (a), 69
Craig Hornberger, 70 (Alt)
Brian Bergstol, 70 (Alt)

Andalusia Country Club, La Quinta, Calif. 
Matt Picanso, 67
Joseph Cooper, 69
Joe Highsmith (a), 69
Jonathan Garrick, 70
Kyle Karazissis, 71
Aaron Dexheimer, 71 (Alt)
Ryan McCoy (a), 72 (Alt)

May 3

The Club at Admiral’s Cove (East Course), Jupiter, Fla.
Justin Hicks, 67
Max Buckley, 70
Gary Nicklaus, 70
Alfie Plant, 70
Peyton White, 71
Matthew Latham (a), 71 (Alt)
Randy Leen, 72 (Alt)

May 6

StoneRidge Golf Club, Stillwater, Minn.
Andrew Israelson (a), 69
Ross Miller, 69
Christopher Meyer, 71
Jesse Polk (a), 71
Frankie Capan (a), 71 (Alt)
Tommy Vining (a), 72 (Alt)

Indian Ridge Country Club (Grove Course), Palm Desert, Calif.
Paul Parlane, 65
Andrew Levitt, 66
Brandon Bueno (a), 67
David Kim, 68
Alex Macaluso, 69
Austin Miller, 69 (Alt)
Michael McCabe, 69 (Alt)

The Country Club at DC Ranch, Scottsdale
Billy Comeaux, 67
Leon D’Souza (a), 67
Bradley Harrelson, 67
Daniel Sun (a), 67
Darren Fletcher (a), 68
Kristoffer Marshall (a), 69 (Alt)
Sam Triplett, 69 (Alt)

Alpine Country Club, Demarest, N.J.
Thomas Kalinowski, 67
Stephen Shellock, 68
Ryan Davis (a), 69
Ryan McCormick, 70
Florian Schroedl (a), 71
Peter Ballo, 71
Thomas McCarthy (a), 71 (Alt)
Louis Bodine, 72 (Alt)

Coyote Ridge Golf Club, Carrollton, Texas
Gerardo Ruiz De La Concha, 70
Josh Gliege (a), 70
Blaine Hale (a), 70
Thomas Allkins (a), 71
Shuai Ming Wong (a), 71
Major Monzingo, 71
Hayden Springer (a), 71 (Alt)
Michael Martin, 72 (Alt)

Fox Run Golf Club, St. Louis
Christopher Ferris (a), 70
Crimson Callahan (a), 71
Kevin Lucas, 71
Collin Neeman, 71
Carr Vernon, 71
Rico Hoey, 72 (Alt)
Wesley Hunter, 72 (Alt)

Muskegon Country Club, Muskegon, Mich.
Domenic Mancinelli, 67
Alexander Scott (a), 69
Andrew Ruthkoski, 70
Donnie Trosper (a), 71
James Piot (a), 71 (Alt)
Andrew Walker (a), 71 (Alt)

Makefield Highlands Golf Club, Yardley, Pa.
Ryan Dornes (a), 68
Carey Bina (a), 70
Christopher Ault (a), 71
Zachary Barbin (a), 71
Jeremy Wall (a), 72
Nathan Bazant (a), 72 (Alt)
Mark Miller, 72 (Alt)

Lago Mar Country Club, Plantation, Fla.
Eric Cole, 66
Tyler Strafaci (a), 66
Chris Nido (a), 67
Leopoldo Herrera III (a), 67 (Alt)
George Haggerty (a), 70 (Alt)

Genoa Lakes Golf Club (Lakes Course), Genoa, Nev.
Jared Becher, 67
Dustin Hall (a), 70
Stephen Osborne (a), 71 (Alt)
Scott Smith, 71 (Alt)

Deerfield Country Club, Rochester, N.Y.
Nicklos Rousey, 70
Yaroslav Merkulov (a), 71
Shawn Colella (a), 71 (Alt) 
Chris Malec, 73 (Alt)

Pete Dye Golf Club, Bridgeport, W.Va.
Charlie Nikitas (a), 67
Spencer Cole, 69
Kevin Kraft, 69
Will Evans, 69 (Alt)
JB Williams, 70 (Alt)

Lyman Orchards Golf Club (Jones Course), Middlefield, Conn.
Chris Houston, 69
Jimmy Hervol (a), 70
Brian Carlson, 71
Eric Dietrich, 71
Christopher Tallman, 71 (Alt)
Michael Young (a), 71 (Alt)

Ledgemont Country Club, Seekonk, Mass.
Fletcher Babcock, 69
Tyler Cooke (a), 70
Billy Walthouse, 70
Eric Barlow, 70
Rich Berberian, 70 (Alt)
Peter French, 71 (Alt)

Sawgrass Country Club, Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.
Philip Knowles (a), 67
John Vanderlaan, 68
Stone Cowie, 69
Sam Straka, 69
Travis Trace (a), 69
Davis Lee (a), 69 (Alt)
Lance Lacombe, 69 (Alt)

Camp Creek Golf Club, Watersound, Fla.
Scott Strohmeyer, 70
Kane Whitehurst, 70
Chase Seiffert, 71 (Alt)
Zachary Portemont, 71 (Alt)

Laurel Links Country Club, Laurel, N.Y.
Andrew Svoboda, 67
Michael Miranda, 69
Chris Gabriele, 70
Kyle Brey, 71
Darin Goldstein (a), 71 (Alt)
Dylan Crowley, 72 (Alt)

Davenport Country Club, Pleasant Valley, Iowa
David Lawrence, 69
Frank Lindwall (a), 70
Sean McCarty, 70
Charles Jahn (a), 70 (Alt)
Broc Everett, 71 (Alt)

The Golf Club at Creekmor, Raymore, Mo.
Matt Echelmeier (a), 69
Jack Maguire, 69
Kyle Long (a), 70
McCain Schellhardt (a), 72 (Alt)
Lane Wallace (a), 72 (Alt)

Sunnyside Country Club, Fresno, Calif.
Trevor Clayton, 65
Connor Golembeski (a), 65
Jamie Cheatham (a), 66
Alex Lee (a), 67
Israel Garcia (a), 67
Joachim Altonen, 68 (Alt)
Ryan Gronlund (a), 68 (Alt)

May 7

Berkshire Hills Country Club, Pittsfield, Mass.
Jared Nelson (a), 69
Mark Purrington, 69
Garren Poirier (a), 70 (Alt)
Nick Antonelli, 72 (Alt)

Gold Mountain Golf Course (Olympic Course), Bremerton, Wash.
Spencer Tibbits (a), 65
Wes Heffernan, 69
Li Wang, 69
Brian Thornton, 70
Austin Hurt, 70
Daniel Campbell (a), 71
Shamu Bodhidatta (a), 72 (Alt)
Casey Martin, 72 (Alt)

Morris Park Country Club South Bend, Ind.
Johnny Watts, 68
Miguel Delgado (a), 70
Michael Davan, 70
Mitchell Davis (a), 71
Nicholas Grubnich, 71 (Alt)
Brendan O’Reilly (a), 72 (Alt)

Beechmont Country Club Cleveland, Ohio
Michael Balcar, 69
Rasmus Lind (a), 69
Jacob McBride, 69
Skyler Fox (a), 70
Austin Graham, 70
Maxwell Moldovan (a), 70
Nate Thompson (a), 70
Jaysen Hansen, 70 (Alt)
Jonerik Alford (a), 71 (Alt)

Industry Hills Golf Club (Ike Course), City of Industry, Calif.
Andrew Spillman (a), 69
Roy Cootes (a), 70
Mark Anguiano, 70
Erick Liscio (a), 70
Derek Hitchner (a), 70
Andrew Fernandes (a), 70 (Alt)
Ethan Chung (a), 70 (Alt)

Green Meadow Country Club, Missoula, Mont.
Ryan Porch, 64
Jason Molner (a), 65
Ryan Malby, 67 (Alt)
Jimmy Mee, 67 (Alt)

Collindale Golf Club, Fort Collins, Colo.
Carson Griggs (a), 69
Matthew Liringis, 69
Dylan Wonnacott (a), 70
John Murdock (a), 70
Michael Schoolcraft, 71 (Alt)
Davis Bryant (a), 72 (Alt)

Ruby Hill Golf Club, Pleasanton, Calif.
Hayden Shieh, 68
Kaiwen Liu (a), 69
Noah Woolsey (a), 69
Michael Perchak, 70
Ryan Meyer (a), 70
Matthew McCarty (a), 70 (Alt)
Derek Ackerman (a), 71 (Alt)

Knollwood Country Club, West Bloomfield, Mich.
Shawn Sehra (a), 70
Luc Warnock (a), 70
Coalter Smith (a), 71
Jeff Nichols, 71
Max Kollin, 72 (Alt)
Brian Hadley, 72 (Alt)

Worthington Manor Golf Club, Urbana, Md.
Ervin Chang (a), 66
Gabriel Lench (a), 67
George Duangmanee (a), 69
William Peel IV (a), 69
Isaiah Logue, 70
David Morgan (a), 70
Nick Sorkin (a), 70
Thomas Walsh (a), 70
Ji Soo Park, 71 (Alt)
Silas Vansky (a), 71 (Alt)

May 8

Rockaway Hunting Club, Lawrence, N.Y.
Jason Caron, 64
Joshua Rackley, 65
Matthew Sita, 67
Daniel Balin, 68
Dylan Newman, 68
Sean Quinlivan, 68
Billy Whalen (a), 70
Scott Ford, 70 (Alt)
Matt Hirsh, 70 (Alt)

Oak Creek Golf Club, Irvine, Calif.
Robert Keilch (a), 61
Clayton Seeber (a), 67
Chris Gilman, 67
Bruce Doucett, 68
Samuel Kim (a), 68
Scott Barton (a), 68 (Alt)
Samuel Rodriguez III, 68 (Alt)

Banyan Cay Resort & Golf Club, West Palm Beach
Guillermo Periera, 67
Sean Busch, 69
Riley Johnson, 69
Andreas Halvorsen, 69
Andrew Kozan (a), 70
Kristoffer Ventura, 70 (Alt)
Jacob Eggers (a), 70 (Alt)

Holston Hills Country Club, Knoxville, Tenn.
William Gordon (a), 65
Hunter Wolcott (a), 66
Keith Guest (a), 66
David Holmes, 66
Crawford Reeves, 67
Brad Helton, 68 (Alt)
Connor Froning, 68 (Alt)

Riverton Country Club, Riverton, Wyo.
Carson Lundell (a), 68
Ryan Wallen, 71
Logan Hensley (a), 72 (Alt)
Andrew Garner, 72 (Alt)

Ak-Chin Southern Dunes Golf Club, Maricopa, Ariz.
Jared Du Toit, 67
Kent Eger, 67
Benjamin Shur, 67
Blake Wagoner (a), 67
Jeremy Paul, 68
Johnnie Greco Jr., 69 (Alt)
Paul Chaplet (a), 69 (Alt)

Ironwood Country Club (South Course), Palm Desert, Calif.
Colin Featherstone, 67
Hunter Epson (a), 68
Kenny Pigman, 69
Mark Geddes, 69
Eric Meichtry, 69
Christopher Tuulik, 70 (Alt)
Jackson Lake (a), 70 (Alt)

Duke University Golf Club, Durham, N.C. 
Ryan Sullivan, 66
Ryan Gerard (a), 69
Nick Lyerly (a), 69
Jack Lang (a), 70
Chandler Eaton (a), 70
Blake McShea (a), 70 (Alt)
Ryan Dimmick, 70 (Alt)

Orange Tree Golf Club, Orlando
Andy Pope, 66
Cristian Dimarco, 69
Eugene Hong (a), 69
Brendan Valdes (a), 70
Kyler Tate (a), 71 (Alt)
Anthony Martire, 71 (Alt)

Windber Country Club, Salix, Pa.
Matt Nagy, 68
Elliott Grayson (a), 69 (Alt)
J.D. Hughes (a), 72 (Alt)

TimberStone Golf Club, Boise, Idaho
Michael Baldeck, 68
Andrew Hess (a), 69
Fred Sutton, 69 (Alt)
Brett Kennedy, 69 (Alt)

Collindale Golf Club, Fort Collins, Colo.
Carson Griggs (a), 69
Matthew Liringis, 69
Dylan Wonnacott (a), 70
John Murdock (a), 70
Michael Schoolcraft, 71 (Alt)
Davis Bryant (a), 72 (Alt)

Gaillardia Country Club, Oklahoma City
Garrett Reband (a), 70
Rob Laird (a), 70
Martin Maritz, 71
Cody Burrows (a), 72
Stratton Nolen, 72
Logan McCracken, 72 (Alt)
Draegen Majors, 73 (Alt)

Gamble Sands, Brewster, Wash.
Chris Crisologo (a), 65
Craig Crawford (a), 68
Jose Rotz, 69
Tyler Falk, 70
Daniel Whitaker (a), 70
Corey Prugh, 70 (Alt)
Andrew Von Lossow (a), 70 (Alt)

Wichita Country Club, Wichita, Kan.
Nick Heinen, 68
Fisher Vollendorf (a), 68
Kevin Ward (a), 68
Drew Shepherd (a), 68 (Alt)
Curtis Yonke, 68 (Alt)

Wild Rock Golf Club, Wisconsin Dells, Wis.
Austin Kendziorski (a), 70
Blake Jens, 73
Mike Mueller (a), 74
Ryonen Faris (a), 75
Thomas Leonard Campbell, 75 (Alt)
Sam Osborne, 76 (Alt)

May 9

CommonGround Golf Course, Aurora, Colo.
Colin Prater (a), 64
Sam Weatherhead, 65
Matt Call (a), 68
Ross Macdonald (a), 68
Jake Kelley, 69
Nick Nosewicz (a), 69 (Alt)
Jun Ho Won (a), 69 (Alt)

Champions Run Golf Club Omaha, Neb.
Carson Schaake, 69
Rylee Reinertson, 70
Philip Maschka, 73
Alex Schaake (a), 74 (Alt)
Jay Moore (a), 74 (Alt)

Eagle Creek Golf & Country Club, Naples, Fla.
Justin Ahasic, 68
Bobby Clampett, 68
Rigel Fernandes, 68
Connor Arendell, 68
Landon Michelson, 68
David Hronek, 68 (Alt)
Patrick Williams, 69 (Alt)

Medford Village Country Club, Medford, N.J.
Kevin Foley, 69
Brett Jones, 69
David Sanders, 70
Ronald Robertson (a), 71
Billy Stewart, 72 (Alt)
Louis Kelly, 72 (Alt)

Barrington Hills Country Club, Barrington, Ill.
Jack Korzon, 70
Bryce Emory, 70
Nick Hardy, 71
Brian Ohr (a), 71
Brian Carroll, 72
Tee-K Kelly, 72 (Alt)
Joshua Labounty (a), 72 (Alt)

Hollow Brook Golf Club, Cortlandt Manor, N.Y.
Luke Sample (a), 65
Juan Alvares, 67
Parker Reddig (a), 67
Corey Birch, 67
Paul Pastore, 68
Jack Wall (a), 68
Gen Nagai (a), 68 (Alt)
James Nicholas (a), 69 (Alt)

Whitewater Creek Country Club, Fayetteville, Ga.
Andy Mao (a), 67
Ben Griffin, 68
Austin Fulton (a), 68
Stephen Shephard (a), 69
Ryan Gildersleeve, 69
Lindsey Cordell (a), 69
Chris Guglielmo, 70
Jordan Walor, 70
Scott Wolfes, 70 (Alt)
Zachary Caldwell, 70 (Alt)

RTJ Golf Trail at Silver Lakes (Heartbreaker/Backbreaker Courses), Glencoe, Ala.
Ford Clegg (a), 69
Lake Johnson (a), 70
Wilson Furr (a), 70
Jaime Lopez, 72
PJ Shields, 73 (Alt)
Tanner Guthrie (a), 73 (Alt)

La Purisima Golf Course, Lompoc, Calif.
J.R. Warthen (a), 68
Manav Shah, 68
Jack Avrit (a), 70
Joshua McCarthy (a), 70
Jonathan Ruiz, 70
Steve Holmes, 70 (Alt)
Richard Chavez (a), 71 (Alt)

Pinehills Golf Club (Nicklaus Course), Plymouth, Mass.
Max Gilbert, 72
Kevin Fortin-Simard, 72
Ryan Gendron, 72
Matthew Naumec (a), 72
Jason Parajeckas, 72
Athan Goulos (a), 73 (Alt)
Erik Macdonald (a), 73 (Alt)

Kearney Hill Golf Links, Lexington, Ky.
Austin Greaser (a), 67
Trevor Johnson (a), 68
Chip McDaniel, 68
Jesse Massie, 68
Evan Davis (a), 68
Ethan Shepherd (a), 70
Maximilian Mehles (a), 71 (Alt)
Billy Tom Sargent (a), 71 (Alt)

Jackson Country Club, Jackson, Tenn.
Drew Miller (a), 67
Chris Petefish, 67
Isaiah Jackson (a), 68
Cooper Sears (a), 69
Henrik Simonsen, 69 (Alt)
Walker Crosby (a), 70 (Alt)

Granite Bay Golf Club, Granite Bay, Calif.
Donnie Baucom, 69
Austin Fox (a), 69
Daulet Tuleubayev (a), 69
Brad Marek. 70
Anthony Manguray, 70
Matthew Garcia, 70 (Alt)
Elliott Paylor, 70 (Alt)

The Federal Club Glen, Allen, Va.
Jimmy Delp (a), 68
Mark Lawrence (a), 68
Nicholas Weiss (a), 69
Matt Cowgill, 68
Alexandre Fuchs (a), 68
Cody Proveaux, 69
Walker Cress (a), 69 (Alt)
John Oleary, 69 (Alt)

Cypress Run Golf Club, Tarpon Springs, Fla.
Ryan Orr, 69
John Somers, 70
Ryoto Furuya (a), 70
Khavish Varadan (a), 71
Timmy Rosenhouse, 71 (Alt)
Doug Letson, 71 (Alt)

Bermuda Dunes Country Club, Bermuda Dunes, Calif.
Brady Calkins, 67
Charles Reiter (a), 67
Dylan Menante (a), 68
Christopher Middleton, 68
Brian Smock, 68
Josh Anderson, 69 (Alt)
Andrew Kramer, 69 (Alt)

LPGA International Golf Club (Reese Jones Course), Daytona Beach, Fla.
Don Bell, 67
Jordan Batchelor (a), 68
Sean Dale, 69
Bubba Dickerson, 69
Gordon Neale (a), 69
Chandler Blanchet, 69 (Alt)
Cory Howard, 69 (Alt)

Columbia Country Club (Ridgewood/Tall Pines Courses), Columbia, S.C.
Keller Harper (a), 66
Caleb Proveaux (a), 68
Carson Young, 68
Thomas Bradshaw, 69
Max Theodorakis (a), 69
Ryan Stachler (a),69 (Alt)
Matthew Ryan, 69 (Alt)

May 13

TPC at Craig Ranch, McKinney, Texas
Chase Hanna, 64
Edward Loar, 67
Alvaro Ortiz, 67
Rodolfo Cazaubon, 68
Tom Whitney, 68
Drew Lilly (a), 68
Eric Gibbs (a), 69
Blake Pugh, 69
Jesse Speirs, 69 (Alt)
Brandon McIver, 69 (Alt)

Shingle Creek Golf Club, Orlando
Rob Oppenheim, 64
Marcus Manley, 68
Matthew Campbell, 69
James Vargas, 70
Chase Cutshall (a), 71
John Montgomery, 71 (Alt)
Ben Bershad, 71 (Alt)

Pasatiempo Golf Club, Santa Cruz, Calif.
John Sawin (a), 67
Bobby Kent, 67
Mark Manwaring (a), 67
Kaz Hoffman, 68
Michael Ryder (a), 68
Ben Peters (a), 68 (Alt)
Alex Franklin, 68 (Alt)

Waialae Country Club, Honolulu
Jared Sawada, 67
Kolby Irei (a), 72
Kyohei Nomura, 72 (Alt)
Justin Ngan (a), 73 (Alt)

Pinewild Country Club (Magnolia Course), Pinehurst, N.C.
Alex Goff (a), 69
Spencer Skiff, 69
Taylor Dickson, 70
Matthew Goggin, 70
Michael McGowan, 71
Jon Weiss II, 71 (Alt)
Thomas Eldridge, 72 (Alt)

Westwood Golf Club, Houston
David Lee, 65
Luke Long (a), 66
Travis Vick (a), 67
Chance Cathey, 67
Ben Willman, 67
Callum McNeill, 68
Jacob Borow (a), 68
Ian Snyman, 68 (Alt)
James Nitties, 69 (Alt)

Willoughby Golf Club, Stuart, Fla.
Steve Lebrun, 67
Charles Kennerly (a), 69
Daniel Obremski, 70
Chad Bricker, 70
Oscar Fraustro, 70
Alex Vogelsong (a), 71 (Alt)
Derrick Bohannon, 71 (Alt)

Country Club of Scranton, Clarks Summit, Pa.
Christopher Crawford, 71
Patrick Ross, 72
Anthony Sebastianelli, 73
Patrick Forbes (a), 73
William Evan, 74
Brett Cairns, 74 (Alt)
Tyler McGarry (a), 74 (Alt)

Catawba Island Club, Port Clinton, Ohio
Eric Steger, 70
Bryce Messner (a), 72
Brendan Seys (a), 72
Mike Stone, 72 (Alt)
Ryan Lenahan, 72 (Alt)

Chaska Town Course, Chaska, Minn.
Charles Danielson, 66
Robert Bell, 68
Henry May (a), 69
Alex Kline, 69
Max Tylke (a), 70 (Alt)
Gus Minkin (a), 70 (Alt)

Classic Club, Palm Desert, Calif.
Troy Kuramarohit, 69
Alistair Docherty, 70
Yihao He (a), 71
Aaron Grimes, 71
Christian Rajcic, 72
Micah Bally, 72 (Alt)
Logan Scott, 73 (Alt)

Colleton River Club (Dye Course), Bluffton, S.C.
Christian Baliker (a), 71
Ethan Cairns (a), 71
Drew Weary (a), 72
Adam Lescallalleet, 72
Luke McClellan, 72 (Alt)
Mark Silvers, 72 (Alt)

Sara Bay Country Club, Sarasota, Fla.
Joe Ferreira V, 68
Kevin Roy, 69
Seath Lauer, 69
Erik Souchak (a), 70
Michael Visacki, 70
Sebastian Mark, 71 (Alt)
Sean Kelly, 71 (Alt)

Walnut Creek Golf Preserve, Westminster, Colo.
Chase Carlson (a), 70
Zahkai Brown, 70
Griffin Barela (a), 70
Sam Tidd (a), 71
Aaron Fankhauser, 73
Ben Lanting, 74 (Alt)
Chase Nathe, 74 (Alt)

The Club at Nevillewood, Nevillewood, Pa.
Raoul Menard, 67
Devin Gee, 70
Evan Long (a), 70
Beau Titsworth, 70
Tanner Grzegorczyk (a), 71 (Alt)
Tom Nettles, 71 (Alt)

The Club at Comanche Trace, Kerrville, Texas
Garrett Martin (a), 65
KC Lim, 68
Nicholas Flanagan, 68
Kelby Brown, 69
Kyle Pritchard, 69
Zack Fischer, 69 (Alt)
Lonny Alexander, 69 (Alt)

Riverside Country Club, Provo, Utah
BJ Staten, 67
Patrick Fishburn, 69
Mitchell Schow (a), 69
Kenny You, 69
Steele Dewald, 70
Charlie Duensing, 71 (Alt)
Peyton Hastings (a), 71 (Alt)

TPC Toronto at Osprey Valley, Caledon, Ontario, Canada
Sebastian Szirmak, 67
Zach Giusti, 68
Chase Komaromi (a), 68
Mitchell Sutton, 68
Cougar Collins (a), 70
Peter Laws, 71 (Alt)
Jakob Montemurro, 71 (Alt)

Kinsale Golf & Fitness Club, Powell, Ohio
Seth Fair, 68
Tyler Klava, 69
Zach Crawford (a), 70
Richard Schembechler, 70
TT Crouch, 71
David Lutterus, 71
Drew Salyers (a), 71
Brad Loomis, 71 (Alt)
Grant Godfrey (a), 71 (Alt)

Paiute Golf Resort (Sun Mountain Course), Las Vegas
Alexander Kang, 65
Van Thomas, 66
Brandon Smith (a), 67
Brett Kanda (a), 67
Brandon Bauman (a), 68
Bob May, 68 (Alt)
Eric McCardle, 68 (Alt)

Palmer Golf Course, Palmer, Alaska
Derek O’Neill, 71
Stephen Goodrich (a), 71 (Alt)
Rodney Hamblin, 72 (Alt)

Painted Dunes Golf Club, El Paso, Texas
Davis Chung (a), 69
Jacob Loya, 69
Daniel Medina, 71 (Alt)
Isaac Merry, 73 (Alt)

Waverley Country Club, Portland, Ore.
Hans Reimers, 66
Harrison Moir (a), 66
Matt Marshall, 67
Zachary Blixler, 68
Chad Fribley, 69
Kevin Murphy, 70
Robert McKnight, 70
Rudy Pino, 70 (Alt)
Zach Foushee, 70 (Alt)

llini Country Club, Springfield, Ill.
Alex Springer, 65
David Cooke, 67
Joo-Young Lee, 67
Pete Kuhl (a), 68
Brandon Holtz, 69
Colin Ahlvers, 70 (Alt)
Rigg Chang, 70 (Alt)

Maketewah Country Club, Cincinnati, Ohio
Chris Burger (a), 71
Davis Baxter, 71
Mitchell Lamping, 71
David Bahr, 71
Alex Rodger (a), 72
CD Hockersmith, 72
Hayden Zimmerer (a), 72
Stephen Stallings, 73
Trey Shirley, 73 (Alt)
David Wetterich, 73 (Alt)

Phoenix Country Club, Phoenix
Tyler Kertson (a), 67
Matthew McClung, 67
Richard Lee, 67
Tucker Wadkins, 68
Shane Bacon (a), 68
Chad Wilcox, 69 (Alt)
Ethan Castle, 69 (Alt)

The Country Club of Sioux Falls, Sioux Falls, S.D.
Jeff Berkshire, 68
Wil Collins, 68
Danny Sinksen, 71
Austin Rene (a), 71 (Alt)
Jack Lundin (a), 71 (Alt)

Country Club of Troy, Troy, N.Y.
Bryan Bigley, 69
Jeffrey Schaller, 71
Jean-Philip Cornellier, 71
Andrew Deforest, 72 (Alt)
Marc-Olivier Plasse (a), 72 (Alt)

Money Hill Golf & Country Club, Abita Springs, La.
Derek Busby (a), 66
Brandon Pierce, 68
Ben Suarez, 70
Casey Clendenon, 70
Blake Caldwell, 71 (Alt)
Lance Yates (a), 71 (Alt)


May 20

Bent Tree Country Club & Northwood Club, Dallas, Texas
Brendon Todd, 65-66
Nick Taylor, 66-65
Carlos Ortiz, 66-67
Julian Etulain, 71-64
Scottie Scheffler, 68-68
Mike Weir, 69-67
Brian Davis, 69-67
Matthew Jones, 66-70
Charles Danielson, 67-70
Austin Eckroat (a), 65-72
Cody Gribble, 68-69 (Alt 1)
Jared Wolfe, 67-71 (Alt 2)

May 27

Kuwana Country Club, Mie Prefuncture, Japan (TBD)

June 3

Walton Heath Golf Club, Surrey, England (TBD)
RattleSnake Point Golf Club, Milton, Ontario (TBD)
Big Canyon Country Club & Newport Beach Country Club, Newport Beach, Calif. (TBD)
Streamsong Resort, Streamsong, Fla. (TBD)
Hawks Ridge Golf Club, Ball Ground, Ga. (TBD)
Woodmont Country Club, Rockville, Md. (TBD)
Century Country Club & Old Oaks Country Club, Purchase, N.Y. (TBD)
Brookside Golf & Country Club and Scioto Country Club, Columbus, Ohio (TBD)
Springfield Country Club, Springfield, Ohio (TBD)
Wine Valley Golf Club, Walla Walla, Wash. (TBD)

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