Tiger Woods, President Obama Golf Weekend Cost $3.6 Million

October 27, 2016

The departments of Defense and Homeland Security spent more than $3.6 million in expenses for a 2013 weekend golf trip that included President Obama pegging it with Tiger Woods and others at a Florida resort, according to The Washington Times.

Obama reportedly played golf with Woods at the Floridian Yacht and Golf Club and received lessons from swing guru Butch Harmon.

The four-day trip consisted of at least 22 flight legs and used 14 airports or Air Force bases, and the Pentagon paid the biggest chunk of the bill at $2.8 million, according to information The Times gathered from the Government Accountability Office.

To be fair, though, just about any field trips the president takes cost big bucks. So if the Commander in Cleats wants to use some of his T&E budget to blow off a little steam with Tiger and the boys, well, can you blame the guy?

No word on how much he lost in skins.