Tiger Woods on USGA Ruling: ‘It Was Awful’

June 22, 2016

The USGA’s ruling decision on Sunday at the U.S. Open caught the attention of golfers all across the PGA Tour, Tiger Woods included.

Though Woods sounded off with a tweet Sunday, he discussed the issue again Tuesday night during an Q&A session with Rickie Fowler at the Quicken Loans National. Woods was watching the broadcast of the U.S. Open, and was clearly disappointed in the ruling.

“You saw all the players’ reactions. It was awful,” Woods said. “Not only to do that to Dustin but to the entire field of players who had a chance to win the tournament. No one had a clue.

“I understand with the NBA and the NFL, you can go back and replay things, but it’s more for fines. This determines outcome. I just don’t understand it.”

Woods, who has been the center of instant replay rulings in the past, echoed what many analysts and fellow Tour players said during the action: make the ruling clear and make it earlier rather than later.

“If they’re going to make a ruling,” Woods said, “and it felt like they were convinced that they were going to make that ruling…then why not assess that penalty on the 12th tee.”

Woods and Fowler went back and forth answering questions Tuesday evening, and the popular topic of Woods’ comeback did surface. No timetable is set yet for Woods’ return, but he noted again that it is a matter of time. “I’m making progress on my comeback,” Woods said. “I’m working my tail off each and every day. I’m working hard.”


An earlier version of this story misquoted Woods, saying “you can go back and replay things, but it’s more for fun.” The correct quote is used above.