Tiger Woods expanding his new mini-golf venture across the U.S.

PopStroke locations feature two 18-hole putting courses, an onsite restaurant, and lawn games.

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PopStroke — a family-friendly mini-golf chain that features 18-hole, professionally-designed putting courses, an assortment of lawn games and onsite restaurant-style dining — announced on Thursday that it’s planning a big-time expansion across the United States as part of its partnership with Tiger Woods’ TGR Design firm.

Woods shared the news from his personal Twitter handle, complete with a hype video and 45-second voiceover.

“We’re bringing our one-of-a-kind golf experience closer to you,” Woods says in the video. “PopStroke is quickly expanding, and I’m excited to announce our plans for new locations across three states. Each property will have two unique, 18-hole putting courses designed by me and my TGR Design team, a nice restaurant, bar, outdoor game area, and of course, ice cream.”

Unlike traditional miniature golf courses, PopStroke’s courses have a realistic look. The turf is synthetic, but the hole designs incorporate fairways, bunkers, and even rough.

Once on the course, customers can use PopStroke’s mobile app to order drinks and food — which include craft beers, wine and signature cocktails — all of which can be delivered directly, anywhere on the course. The app also enables users to showcase their scores on a digital scoreboard.

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PopStroke, which was founded in 2018, already has two locations open in Florida: Port St. Lucie and Fort Myers. The Fort Myers location opened in September and features the first putting courses designed by Woods’ TGR Design. As Woods stated in the video, Woods and TGR Design will carry out the design work on future PopStroke putting courses as well, and each one will be unique. Locations to come include one in Texas (Houston), two in Arizona, (Scottsdale, Glendale) and four more in Florida (Sarasota, Orlando, Tampa and Delray), all of which are slated to open within the next 18 months.

“I am very excited about our expansion plans,” Woods said in a press release. “Putting is a universal part of golf that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels.  It has been rewarding to see the broad and diverse group of guests enjoying their experience at PopStroke, and I look forward to seeing players make those long putts in locations throughout the South and Southwest.  Each new location will have a different course design and layout giving players unique putting challenges as they travel across the country.”

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