This Jordan Spieth-Michael Greller talk ends in caddie win — and 9-word jab

Michael Greller, Jordan Spieth

Caddie Michael Greller and Jordan Spieth on Friday on the 9th hole on the Plantation Course at Kapalua.

PGA Tour Live

Follow Jordan Spieth and Michael Greller, and you know the game: It’s as if there’s a game within the game. Come for their player-caddie golf, but stay for their player-caddie banter, if you will.  

The stories are countless, as Spieth is forever curious and Greller is unruffled and wise. It’s good theater, too, even despite the plot and outcome being mostly identical to previous renditions. Most recently, there was:

The back-and-forth from the trees at the 2022 Charles Schwab Challenge, where Spieth saw a crack in the leaves and branches, Greller didn’t — who could? — Spieth won out — and Spieth performed the miracle. 

The back-and-forth from a par-3 tee at the 2022 Scottish Open, where Spieth was flummoxed by the wind and his club selection, Greller was steadfast in the choice, Greller won out — and Spieth found the green. 

The back-and-forth from a fairway bunker at the 2022 BMW Championship, where Speith wanted to hit something daring, Greller wanted something safe, Spieth won out — and Spieth hit into the water. 

And on and on. There are more. You probably have your own favorite. 

And to your list, you can consider Friday, from the tee on the 540-yard, par-5 9th on the Plantation Course at Kapalua, where Spieth held driver during the second round of the Sentry

But wouldn’t that be too much club? Perhaps. 

Wouldn’t a ball roll into the thick stuff and prevent a shot at getting home in two? Maybe. 

Justin Rose, Taylor Moore
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By: Nick Piastowski

Wasn’t the wind helping some? Yes. 

Didn’t playing partner Scottie Scheffler, just seconds earlier, hit driver with an abbreviated swing — and finish in the rough? Yes. 

Wasn’t analyst Andy North whispering for a fairway metal on the PGA Tour Live broadcast? Yes. 

Then again, you usually want the extra yards. You usually want a shorter club into par-5s. This is the game we play. 

Greller walked to the tee. He talked with his boss. PGA Tour Live mics picked up Speith saying, “It’s close.” And “hybrid.” Hmm. Greller walked away. Spieth still held the driver. 

Spieth then said this, a playful nine-word jab:

“I appreciate your lobbying, but that was a stretch.”

I appreciate your lobbying, but that was a stretch. That’s funny.   

But Spieth then did this:

He walked back to his bag, propped the driver against it and pulled out a 3-wood. Good stuff. There was more. Greller rejoined Spieth on the tee. Caddie and player talked again. At the end, PGA Tour Live mics picked up this, from Greller:

“I still think that’s for sure in the fairway.”

Spieth said OK. He hit. His ball finished in the fairway. 

He eventually made birdie.   

“Give Greller an assist,” announcer Ned Michaels said on the PGA Tour Live broadcast after the tee shot. 

Tyrrell Hatton at the Sentry.
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“Absolutely.” announcer Trey Wingo said.  

“He’s got an earpiece,” North said. “He’s listening to our show.” 

“I thought you gave him the sign,” Michaels said. 

“Well, Greller won the argument and it was the right decision,” Wingo said.  

The show continues Saturday. 

Spieth and Greller play their third round. 

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