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Swipe (fore) right: Adam Hadwin met his wife on Tinder

July 28, 2017

Dating can be hard for a traveling Tour pro, especially being on the road for 30-35 weeks a year. And just like anyone else, all they’re looking for is love.

Enter dating apps like Tinder, which yes, even the PGA Tour pros dabble in.

Adam Hadwin found success with the app, in which you swipe left or right depending on whether you take interest in another user: a left for no, a right for yes. If the person you swiped right for also swipes right, you’re matched. Lucky for Hadwin, his wife Jess also swiped right one week in Kansas.

“Jess and I have always said that we met in Wichita when I was playing an event, and we kind of just left it at that,” Hadwin told GOLF Live’s Ryan Asselta. “Then we had to bring up how, and of course you bring it up now but, it is the truth. We were Tinder-matched in Wichita there, and we went out once when I was there that week, had dinner.”

The rest is history for the couple; Hadwin and his wife married March 24th, just after his win at the Valspar Championship guaranteed him a spot in the field at the 2017 Masters. That’s the week the couple were supposed to be honeymooning, but Jess understandingly obliged a change of plans.

“You know, it’s funny. It’s been almost three years now since we met, and I don’t think we’ve gone a day without talking,” Hadwin said.

So there’s hope, Tour pros! But as Hadwin said, there’s a key to Tinder: “You’ve got to be looking for the right thing.”