Swastika found carved into green at Minnesota golf course

August 23, 2017

UPDATE: Crystal Lake Golf Course posted the following statement on their Facebook page Thursday, condemning the act.

A swastika was found carved into a green at a Minnesota public golf course early Monday morning.

Mowers at Crystal Lake Golf Course were the first to discover the symbol gouged into the turf as they cut the putting surfaces. After police came by to take a report, the section of green was replaced without incident before any golfers reached the hole.

Crystal Lake is an 18-hole facility in Lakeville, Minnesota, twenty miles south of Minneapolis. An attendant at the pro shop Wednesday morning acknowledged the incident, but he made it clear that this behavior was unwelcome at Crystal Lake.

“We see it as most likely some kids out there vandalizing, but we don’t know who or what it was,” he said. “You know, this is a great place and we don’t want to make a big fuss over it, really.”