San Diego State Women’s Golf Team Creates Trick Shot Video

February 17, 2015
aztecs copy.jpg

Golf trick shot videos are becoming a thing — a popular thing.

There’s the Bryan Bros. — two brothers from South Carolina who played for the Gamecocks and tried making it big on the mini tours — leading the way in the trick-shot game.

There are some professionals, such as Cheyenne Woods, who copied uncle Tiger’s famous commercial display at the driving range one day.

Even the Couroons — a famous trick-shot group, known best for their work on the tennis court — got involved with a street version of the golf trick-shot video.

But no video has included nearly as many members as one released by the San Diego State women’s golf team Sunday. The Lady Aztecs brought plenty of flair — even some gymnastics and soccer —to their golf trick-shot video.

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