PODCAST: Sean Foley discusses Tiger, Si Woo Kim, and why he can’t watch live golf

May 15, 2017

Sean Foley is only 42, but he’s seen a heckuva lot in his career as a swing guru. His pupils have won a U.S. Open (Justin Rose) and now a Players (Si Woo Kim) but it is the man he took to number one (Tiger Woods) who made Foley famous.

The two began working together when Tiger was at the nadir of his post-scandal life, and Foley became both a coach and a confidante. Woods benefited from Foley’s depth and intellectual curiosity, which comes in part from an unusual biography: a native Canadian, Foley was recruited to play at Tennessee State University, a historically black university.

When we sat down on the eve of the Players, Foley touched on Kim, Rose and Woods, but spoke most passionately about the larger lessons he has learned along the way. Subscribe to the GOLF.com Podcast on iTunes by clicking here, or on SoundCloud by clicking here.

Here are just a few of the topics included:
Hip hop music — 1:42
His college experience — 7:53
The roots of his teaching career — 19:23
His time with Tiger Woods — 27:10
How he works with young players — 32:03
Why he can’t watch live golf — 38:32
Watching Justin Rose at the 2017 Masters — 39:35
Why golfers practice incorrectly — 56:40