PODCAST: In love with links golf

July 18, 2017

Sure, Michael Bamberger and I have covered decades worth of Open Championships, but if you add it all up, we’ve definitely spent more time playing links golf in the game’s motherland than chasing around Tour pros.

Earlier in his career, Bamberger even went so far as to write the book “To the Linksland: A Golfing Adventure” in which he details his quest for golf nirvana, as both a touring caddie and aspirational player. Between that book and our countless stories—like walking the Old Course with Tom Watson—you’re sure to enjoy the conversation.

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Topics discussed:
1:23 — Why links golf is better
4:35 — Playing jet-lag golf
7:37 — The 1985 Open
10:55 — Playing the Old Course alone, and in reverse
13:40 — Walking St. Andrews with Tom Watson
17:20 — The best courses in the rota
19:00 — Jack Nicklaus and hotels
23:15 — Tom Watson and the 2009 Open