How did PGA Tour players learn about LIV Golf merger? Mostly on Twitter, like you

How did PGA Tour players find out about the partnership with LIV Golf? On Twitter, but also from this letter from commissioner Jay Monahan.

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In a stunning announcement, the PGA Tour, LIV Golf and the DP World Tour announced a joint partnership this morning. What it all means is left to be determined, but, on the surface, it brings the three biggest pro golf tours together under one operation.

For the past two years, the PGA Tour and LIV Golf have been embroiled in a number of well-documented heated disputes, with lawsuits being filed and suspensions handed out. So this sudden 180-degree shift caught almost everyone, players included, completely off guard.

Jay Monahan
Jay Monahan: PGA Tour, LIV won’t come together — and they can’t co-exist
By: Nick Piastowski

While golf fans found out about the partnership this morning while brushing their teeth or sitting down at their work station, believe it or not, so, too, did many PGA Tour players.

Here’s the letter PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan sent to players regarding the landmark decision — which reportedly came after the news about the partnership went public. Several players said they first saw the news on Twitter.

In the letter, Monahan states that the PGA Tour will remain a non-profit organization and that he’ll be retaining the role as Tour commissioner. He also announced various roles for several others.

“PGA TOUR Inc. will remain in place as a 501(c)(6) tax-exempt organization and retains administrative oversight of the PGA TOUR, including the sanctioning of events, the administration of the competition and rules, as well as all other “inside the ropes” responsibilities,” the letter read. “I remain as Commissioner of the PGA TOUR and Ed Herlihy as PGA TOUR Policy Board Chairman. PIF’s Governor Yasir Al-Rumayyan will join the PGA TOUR Policy Board.”

Monahan also said that “there are many details to work through as we develop a definitive agreement,” adding that the deal is contingent upon approval from the PGA Tour Policy Board.

The letter continues with Monahan saying the new partnership “brings about an end to all pending litigation between the participating entities and prohibits any further recruitment of PGA Tour, DP World Tour or LIV Golf members.”

Monahan ended the letter by inviting players who are competing in the RBC Canadian Open field to a player meeting this afternoon to help answer any additional questions.

Unsurprisingly, reactions on Twitter about the letter were harsh, with many PGA Tour players sharing their displeasure about finding out as the same time fans did.

For the past two years, Monahan criticized LIV, taking action against former PGA Tour players who committed to the Saudi-backed league. He preached unity to PGA Tour players, hoping they’d remain loyal in return.

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