Pennsylvania Police Officer Caught Engaging in ‘Adult Acts’ on Harrisburg Golf Course

July 10, 2015

There are places where it’s OK to get caught with your pants down. As a Central Pennsylvania cop recently found out, a golf course is not one of those places.

Eric B. Nelson of the Susquehanna Township police department is all but off the hook after having been caught engaging in “adult acts” with 29-year-old Kerri E. Maxwell in the back seat of his Toyota Tundra on a green at Country Club of Harrisburg in Harrisburg, Pa. The deed reportedly happened on May 26, according to

It has been confirmed to that Nelson, 42, is a member of the Susquehanna Township police force, which has handled the discipline internally. A member of the force for 15 years and a military veteran, Nelson still has his job.

“I am confident [Nelson] is not defined by this, and he will grow from this,” said Robert Martin, Susquehanna Township Public Safety Director. “He has all of my support.”

No word on whether Nelson is a golfer or not. But given his tendency for getting lucky on the course, he should probably take up the game.

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