Former NHL bruiser Jeremy Roenick says these two golfers could use some tough love

jeremy roenick on GOLF's Subpar set

Jeremy Roenick was quick to point out two PGA Tour stars who need some tough love.

Fighting is an intrinsic part of hockey. Fighting in golf though? Not so much. The most heated golf gets is a rules disagreement or some petty jabs on social media (looking at you, Brooks and Bryson). As a “gentlemen’s game,” golf has no room for the kind of physical violence that hockey celebrates.

But what if golf did allow fighting on the course? You step in someone’s line and the next thing you know you’re down for the count on the 3rd green. Things would look quite a bit different on Tour if that were the case.

In this hypothetical, macho-golf world, who would deserve to be roughed up the most? On a recent episode of GOLF Subpar, former NHL star Jeremy Roenick shared his thoughts.

“That would be Patrick Reed,” Roenick said. “Without question.”

The answer comes as no surprise when considering the antagonist role Reed has played throughout the course of his career. The former Masters winner has a reputation as a loner on Tour, and allegations of cheating have only isolated him further.

As for another? (Subpar hosts Colt Knost and Drew Stoltz weren’t letting Roenick off this easy.) He said Bryson DeChambeau. Although these days, there aren’t many players who could handle the beefy 26-year-old. But that didn’t phase Roenick.

Jeremy Roenick says this PGA Tour player would be the best hockey player
By: James Colgan

“Definitely not afraid of DeChambeau,” he said. “He’s a great player, but god help me watching this guy. Like, putt the ball already! Figure it out. How many times are you going to practice swing?”

Roenick admitted that he does admire the ways DeChambeau has “revolutionized” some aspects of the game through his obsession with science, but he gets no mercy for his slow play.

“Just play fast, please,” Roenick said.

The moral of the story? Watch your pace of play when paired with hockey players. They’re wired a bit differently than the average golfer.

Check out the full episode of Subpar below.

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