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Mental Game: How to Prepare Correctly, Avoid the Yips and Handle Failure

April 28, 2016

Golf has long been lauded as a supremely challenging mental game. The thinking aspect of the sport can affect the pros just as much as the 20-handicapper.

Dr. Bhrett McCabe joined the GOLF.com Podcast to discuss all things mental in the golf world. McCabe is a sports and performance psychologist and founder of The Mind Side, a sports psychologist company. He regularly works with seven PGA Tour pros and three golfers on the LPGA Tour.

He discussed Thursday how Jordan Spieth should approach the 12th green at Augusta National next year during the Masters.

“If he goes out there next year to try and not do what he did last year or trying to slay that dragon, then he’s giving that hole more power than what that hole deserves,” McCabe said.

“Coming off two bogeys his heart rate was up, his adrenaline was up and he was moving into a riptide. Which is what I think was saw: a riptide. Bad decision making was compounded by difficult execution…my point is when he goes there next year and he steps out on the grounds, if his thing is about dealing with No. 12, he’s missing the point of the game. He needs to go into next year thinking, ‘It got me last year. I am vulnerable to both greatness and struggles.'”

McCabe also broke down what went wrong for Ernie Els on the first hole of the 2016 Masters and offers his own advice for curing the yips (hint: give it a name). For that and more on developing a sound golf psyche, check out the podcast below.