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The Rahms, Finaus and Paulina Gretzky at the Par-3 Contest

The Rahms, Finaus and Paulina Gretzky at the Par-3 Contest

Darren Riehl, Getty Images

Hello, friends, and happy Thursday from Augusta National, where yesterday was my golf version of Christmas Day.

I look forward to the Par 3 Contest all year every year, because we get to see golf families in action out at Augusta National. There’s just nothing better these typically serious golfers watching their little kids run all over the fairways and greens.

A highlight of the day for me was definitely hearing Bubba Watson’s daughter say, “dad, your putting has gotten a lot better!” as well as watching superwoman Kelley Rahm carry her son and Rahm’s golf bag. That takes some serious strength (and balance, which according to my Wii Fit, I am severely lacking).

We have a LOT of content to get through, and I’ve sorted the following posts, videos and images by family and/or groups.

Here we go.

The Spieths, Thomases and Homas

Let’s begin with a friend group I’d love to join. The Spieth family teamed up with the Thomases and Homas for what looked like the perfect day out on the Par-3 course.

Sammy Spieth has gotten a lot of attention lately, and for good reason. Jordan held him up like Simba at the Presidents Cup, and he’s always there to greet his dad after a round. But let’s take a moment to give it up for Cam Homa, who was rocking one of the tiniest jumpsuits I’ve ever seen and some awesome Nike kicks. And guys, if you’re ever looking to add one more pal to your group, I’m around. I can’t bring any golf skills to the table, but I can provide a few laughs and an encyclopedic knowledge of golf tweets.

I didn’t get the cool-kicks bandwagon until I was about 25, so baby Homa is way ahead of the game. He’ll be roasting golf swings on Twitter before any of us know it.

Also, let’s take a look at Sammy Spieth’s putting. He definitely goes in with an unconventional grip, but his dad is an unconventional player so I think that’s only right.

It’s hard to choose one photo of the day as a favorite, but this one of the Spieth boys catching a breather is one of my favorites.

I hope they get this one framed for the living room. Also, how do none of these kids cry out there? Are the pros as focused on their kids getting the perfect nap in before the Par-3 Contest as they are their games this week? I didn’t see a single tear or meltdown out there, which is wildly impressive.

The McIlroys

Step aside, Rory. Poppy McIlroy stole the show — and our hearts — on Wednesday afternoon at Augusta National. I love her modern twist on raking a bunker, too.

My family has tried to get nice photos on vacation for years. And I’m finally mature enough to admit that they’ll never compare to the family photos that are taken at the Par-3 Contest at Augusta National.

I wonder just how many of these images become the official family Christmas card each year.

The McIlroys played alongside the Lowrys and Fleetwoods on Wednesday, and the friendship between Ivy Lowry and Poppy McIlroy is the one I didn’t know I needed.

How adorable is that? Just two gals with major champion fathers in their Nike kicks! Relatable!

Dustin Johnson and Paulina Gretzky

DJ and Paulina took on the Par-3 Contest alongside their sons, Tatum and River, as well as the Oosthuizen and Schwartzel families.

The Gretzky-Johnson family
The Gretzky-Johnson family Paulina Gretzky
DJ and Paulina at Augusta
DJ and Paulina at Augusta Getty Images

I wonder at what age these golf kids start to realize how cool it is to participate in the Par-3 Contest. Like, these golf kids put those classmates who go to Disney World every year to shame. Then again, the Gretzky-Johnson kids have a multitude of reasons why they’re probably cooler than the other kids, so maybe they aren’t the best example.

Brooks Koepka and Jena Sims

Then there was Brooks Koepka and Jena Sims, who participated in their first Par-3 Contest as a married couple on Wednesday.

This is always a special week for them, as Koepka and Sims met for the first time at the Masters. I asked her all about that and more in the inaugural episode of “The Scoop” the other day.

The Schefflers

Now on to the first couple of golf: Scottie and Meredith Scheffler. They looked as put together as always as they took on the Par-3 on Wednesday.

Meredith even showed off some funky footwork of her own as she hit a tee shot on one of the Par-3s. Takes after her husband, I guess!

The Schefflers
The Schefflers Getty Images

The Finaus and Rahms

My coworker, Darren, and I, followed the Finau and Rahm families as they took on the Par-3 contest together and it was everything I’d ever dreamed of.

Tony’s youngest, Sienna, looked absolutely adorable as she crawled (and was eventually carried around) the course. Again, she was perfectly behaved throughout the afternoon. My dad would have to have given each of his kids a Benadryl to get through this without a meltdown had we participated in this event back in the day.

Tony Finau and his daughter, Sienna
Tony Finau and his daughter, Sienna Darren Riehl
The Finaus
The Finaus Darren Riehl
Layna Finau and Kepa Rahm
Layna Finau and Kepa Rahm Darren Riehl

Darren captured my favorite moment of the day, when Layna Finau scooped Kepa Rahm into her arms as if he was one of her own while Kelley carried her younger son, Eneko, as well as Rahm’s golf bag. Talk about two super moms coming together! It was adorable.

The Rahm family
The Rahm family Darren Riehl
Kelley Rahm with her sons
Kelley Rahm with her sons Darren Riehl
Jon and Kepa Rahm
Jon and Kepa Rahm Darren Riehl

I’m definitely excited for the actual tournament action to unfold, but the Par-3 Contest remains my favorite part of the week. It’s safe to say I’m already looking forward to next year’s event.

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