Mark Wahlberg’s Lucky RORS Ball Makes Hole in One

March 11, 2016
Mark Wahlberg hole in one.jpg

When you’re a celebrity golfer, it pays to be friends with Rory McIlroy. Mark Wahlberg has found that out first hand on more than one occasion.

Wahlberg played a round at Portmarnock Golf Club in Dublin while promoting his movie Daddy’s Home (with costar Will Ferrell). Then the pals had lunch where McIlroy bestowed his friend with a driver and some swing advice.

On February 17, news broke that Wahlberg would be participating in the celebrity component of a primetime team event between Rory McIlory and Rickie Fowler. Three days later, the Rors and Marky Mark hung together at the Northern Trust Open. Safe to say Wahlberg will be on Team McIlroy?

It would appear that McIlroy’s advice is paying off: on Friday, Wahlberg tweeted his hole in one from Pelican Hill — with a RORS Nike ball, nonetheless.

We asked once before and we’ll ask again…Hey Rors, we’ll take some extra swag over here too!