Lee Trevino: Put Jordan Spieth on Dallas-Fort Worth Mount Rushmore of golfers

July 27, 2017

Likely no American city has had a greater influence on the world of golf than Dallas, Texas and the surrounding Fort Worth area. Between the likes of Byron Nelson, Ben Hogan, Lee Trevino and now Jordan Spieth (and even others), the proverbial Mount Rushmore of Dallas golfers is stout.

Ask Trevino, though, and Spieth rightfully owns a spot on that short list. The 6-time major winner recently shared his perception of the Dallas-Fort Worth golfer hierarchy with Sportsday.

“I did not know Ralph [Guldahl] or how he could play,” Trevino said. “He was a big man. I’m sure he had to play pretty damn good because he was playing against [Sam] Snead and Hogan and all those guys. But I think Jordan Spieth, he’s just scratched the surface.

“Let’s put it this way: If you want to put him on Mount Rushmore, how about putting him over there and only half of his face is on the stone right now? Put him standing there with a chisel and a hammer.”

That’s one clever idea. Spieth, who just turned 24 years old Thursday, has decades of professional golf in front of him. His standing among some of the most legendary golfers the game has ever seen is only likely to grow stronger. As for now, we’ve taken Trevino’s words to heart with the photo below.