Lawsuit in Boston Turns on the Use of Golf Carts for the Disabled

November 11, 2015

A lawsuit in Boston has some people talking about the rights of the disabled on golf courses.

Bob Lobel, a retired sportscaster in Boston, has filed a lawsuit against Woodland Golf Club in Massachusetts, claiming discrimination on the basis of disability. Woodland Golf Club is in Newton, about 12 miles west of Boston.

The case seems to turn on a dispute between Lobel and the club about whether or not golf carts designed to help disabled players on the course can cause damage to putting greens. The club says that they do, and that no carts are allowed on their greens, citing “mechanical damage.” The club says that repairing damage caused by the carts would create an “unreasonable burden” for its members.

Lobel’s attorneys contend otherwise, according to the Boston Globe. From the lawsuit: “The carts are designed and constructed to distribute weight evenly upon the golf course to eliminate damage to the course.”

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Because Woodland won’t allow golf carts on the greens, Lobel alleges that he has been isolated and unable to see friends. In addition to a policy change at the course, Lobel is seeking monetary compensation to the tune of $250,000.