Kevin Kisner ‘A Round With’ Jessica Marksbury

July 20, 2016

Our cover star for the June 2016 issue of GOLF, Kevin Kisner, talks whisky (he likes his smooth), winning and how being a dad has helped his game.

You went with Crown Royal Canadian whisky and ginger ale today.

That’s always been my go-to for my drinking days. I just like the way it drinks. It’s smooth, but you can’t have too many or you’ll be in trouble.

You’re a fitness buff. Do you take it easy on the booze when you’re out on Tour?

I’ll have a few beers during the tournament, but all things break loose on Sunday. I have my family with me a lot, and my daughter, Kathleen, doesn’t care if you had too much to drink. She’s always up and ready to go.

Your daughter turns 2 soon. How has becoming a dad changed your life?

It’s a lot more responsibility and accountability. And I think it’s really helped my game, because it makes my whole week more structured. I know what time I need to be at home, and I know what time she’s going to sleep and eat and be ready to go to bed. So it helps me be better prepared on the course, and I work a lot more efficiently.

So practice time is about quality rather than quantity?

Yeah. My first two years out playing on Tour, I wasn’t even married, and I would spend hours at the course on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Having a family helps you realize that more efficient practice and getting your work done early helps you be rested for the weekend.

You bagged your first Tour win in 2015. Are you now a more confident player?

[Last year] was really encouraging. Winning is hard on Tour, but I’ll hold plenty of trophies if I keep playing like this.

And what did your four second-place finishes in ’15 teach you?

I didn’t feel any nervous energy, which is what you learn: That’s how you’ve got to feel in that position in order to win.