Juli Inkster: Women’s golf doesn’t get respect it deserves

August 21, 2017

Juli Inkster used her post-Solheim Cup press conference to sound off about the lack of respect she feels the women’s golf game gets in the sports world.

“As women golfers we always get shortchanged, and it irks me,” Inkster said sitting next to the trophy, not long after the 16.5-11.5 American victory.

“Even from the PGA Tour down, I just don’t think we get the respect we deserve,” she continued. “I’m going to say it right now, and I probably shouldn’t say it, I just don’t understand how all these companies get away with supporting PGA Tour events and not supporting LPGA. It makes me a little upset because I think we’ve got a great product, I think we do a lot of things really good and I think the golf is fantastic, and I think we deserve our due.”

Though it is her opinion, Inkster’s argument has plenty of backing. Only one LPGA event from this season boasted a purse higher than $3.5 million, whereas only two PGA Tour events in 2017 had purses less than that amount, and both were alternate field events opposite World Golf Championships.

You can check out the full clip of Inkster’s thoughts below.