How good are PGA Tour caddies at golf? Pretty, pretty good

They’re a band of some of the most talented golfers in the world. They travel every week to exotic locations. They compete for a living, and their (infrequent) wins are often enough to support themselves financially for large stretches of time.

They are the PGA Tour’s caddies, and they are finally beginning to receive the recognition they deserve for their golf chops. And sure, while their games aren’t quite up to the standards set by the people who employ them, they’re damn good players in their own right.

Just ask Joe Greiner, caddie to golf Twitter star Max Homa and occasional competitor on the USGA championship circuit. Greiner, who joined GOLF’s Subpar this week, told hosts Colt Knost and Drew Stoltz that even though his game ranks near the top of the caddie crew, he can’t sniff some of the game’s best.

“I would say in match play I’ve gotta be one of the best just because my game kinda pisses off a lot of guys,” Greiner said. “I’ve played a lot of golf with Brett Waldman, who is without a doubt one of the most talented, best players. He swings it pretty, putts it pretty. But you know, sometimes my 265 cut, hybrid into the green kinda pisses him off a bit.”

In addition to Waldman (caddie to Zach Johnson), Greiner says a few other names stick out as being some of the best caddie/players.

“[Sam Burns’ caddie] Travis Perkins, [Patton Kizzire’s caddie] Phillip Mollica. Great players,” Greiner said. “[Mollica] got off a redeye this year, met us at the golf course, and he shot 3 under just puring it all around.”

Max Homa holds up one finger after his victory at the 2021 Fortinet Championship
How Max Homa started to believe he’s one of the world’s best players
By: Jessica Marksbury

As for the reason why there are so many good players among the game’s best loopers, Greiner says the explanation is relatively simple. Golf is an insanely competitive sport, and for those who’ve failed to crack the pro game, caddying is a fallback that allows them to stick around the sport in a competitive setting.

“There’s so many good players,” Greiner said. “In the last 5-10 years, I feel like it’s transitioned from a lot of guys who used to play, but then decided they weren’t going to make it and tried to make a living caddying.”

To hear the rest of Greiner’s interview, including the pro who he most enjoys playing in money games, check out the video below.

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