Jason Day Will Contemplate Retirement at Age 40

June 23, 2016

Jason Day is already planning for his mid-life crisis.

Day, 28, has collected 10 victories on the PGA Tour, including one major title at last year’s PGA Championship, but on Wednesday, the World No. 1 Day said he will “re-evaluate everything” in his career when he turns 40.

“When I get to 40, I would like to see where I’m at in my career because I might want to go, ‘You know what, I’m done. I’m just happy with everything,’ and I’m going to go off [on] my merry way and I’ll probably never pick up a golf club ever again,” Day told the media assembled at Baltusrol, the site of this year’s PGA Championship. “But it also depends on if (my son) Dash is playing, if (my daughter) Lucy is playing, if I’m still competitive and my body’s great, because I’m just trying to extend. What I’m doing with my body and with my golf game, I’m trying to extend the longevity of my career.”

During his press conference, he also talked about the “small victories” that motivates him, like practicing an extra hour and staying committed to the gym.

“It’s over when you don’t want to improve anymore,” Day said. “It’s over when you’re done improving yourself on and off the golf course … They’re the pieces of the puzzle that you slowly etch together to make the big masterpiece, which is the winning formula.”