Inside Tiger’s Return: Our experts break down Woods’ first start in a year

Tiger Woods is no stranger to comebacks.

It comes with the territory when you’ve had five back surgeries and another five on your knee. But this time feels different. After suffering severe injuries in a February car accident, Woods had a series of rods, screws and pins inserted in his right leg and ankle. Amputation, he said, was a possibility. It was not hard to imagine Woods never walking again, let alone playing tournament golf.

And yet, here we are, less than 10 months later: on the precipice of watching Woods compete again, alongside his 12-year-old son Charlie, in the PNC Championship this weekend.

It’s not the Masters, but, gosh, is it still something: Tiger Woods playing golf again in a nationally televised event.

Among the questions, of which there are many: What will Woods’ swing look like? How will his leg hold up? And what does the future hold?

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To offer some exclusive insights and perspective to our InsideGOLF members, we assembled an all-star cast of experts, some from GOLF’s own staff, others from other walks of the golf industry. The resulting program (which you can watch above) is 30 minutes of analysis and insider takes that you won’t find anywhere else.

Hosted by GOLF’s Jessica Marksbury, our preview includes:

—On-the-scene color and commentary from GOLF Senior Writer Dylan Dethier, who is on site covering the PNC Championship

—Breaking down Tiger’s swing with Top 100 Teacher Tony Ruggiero and GOLF Game Improvement Editor Luke Kerr-Dineen

Movement specialist Jarrett Phillips on Tiger’s rehab and recovery 

—What does Tiger’s future hold? GOLF Senior Writer and Tiger expert Michael Bamberger discusses what’s next for Woods

Enjoy the show, and enjoy Tiger’s return this weekend! We’ll be watching with you.

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