Ian Poulter wants more rules addressed: ‘The art of putting has been lost’

March 1, 2017

Twelve-time European tour winner Ian Poulter was among the pro golfers who tweeted their support for the USGA and R&A’s proposed rules changes Wednesday, but Poulter had one major critique, too.

Poulter first tweeted that he was happy the governing bodies addressed the complex rules book, but that got him thinking. He followed it up with two tweets covering a change he would like to see enforced. Pouter’s gripe was regarding greens books every PGA Tour player and caddie use out on Tour. The books contain detailed diagrams of every green that players and caddies update frequently as courses make changes.

Poulter’s argument was that the books slow down pace of play and that the “art of putting has been lost” because of them. One of his tweets Wednesday detailed his displeasure with the books.

“The tour greens books should be banned,” he wrote. “No one on Tour got a Tour card because of those books. The art of putting has been lost. If you can’t read a green, that’s your fault.”

Poulter ended his post by saying, “Some players will hate me for saying this. But it’s the truth.” Scroll down to read his message in its entirety.

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