Pro wanted to be ‘sexiest golfer.’ PGA Tour then pranked him.

K.H. Lee

K.H. Lee was identified as such this week on the range at the Summit Club.

K.H. Lee, a Trackman monitor in his left hand, walked up to what he believed was his spot on the range at the Summit Club, cameras were rolling, and then he finally got it. The PGA Tour and the good folks at this week’s CJ Cup had gotten him, and in turn, he had gotten his wish.

Behind his hitting bay, in the name plate area, in black letters and all caps was not Lee’s name. But this:


Mission accomplished. 

“I was wondering who that was,” Lee said through a Korean interpreter, smiling.  

Lee, of course, likely knew. In 2018, during the Korn Ferry Tour’s Portland Open, Lee said on a video he had “several goals in my life.” For at least one of them, this week was just the coronation. 

“The first is to become the No. 1 golfer in the world,” he said through an interpreter. 

“And the second is to become the No. 1 sexiest golfer in the world.”

On the range this week, after settling in in front of his sign, Lee leaned into it. He began to unbutton a gray sleeveless vest and said, “I need to get naked right?” — only to button back up. “But too cold, so sorry.” 

In the middle of May, Lee won the Bryson Nelson for his first PGA Tour victory, and the 2018 video began to resurface. Lee, in a story on the PGA Tour’s website this week, said “my goals went viral as many golfers were amused by this story.”

“Being sexy means to be a muscular guy,” he said in the Tour’s story. “It’s in my dream but not quite possible in reality. I want to be muscular, but I enjoy eating so much. For example, I try not to eat dinner if I have a big lunch, but when dinner time comes, I am usually hungry again. I will work out hard, but I will eat hard as well.”

In the video put out by the Tour’s social media team this week, Lee ended it by lying on his side to the right of the sign and giving a thumbs-up. 

“Feels like more powerful and much farther today, I think,” he said. “Thank you very much.”

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