How many golfers have had sex on the course? More than you’d think

April 26, 2017

The number of golfers who admit to having sex on the golf course might surprise you.

In GOLF’s Survey of the American Golfer (which asked dozens of questions to over 1,000 avid players), more than 10% said they’d had sex on the course at least once. Other surveys on this habit put the number even higher than that, at 33%.

See below for other answers on the survey about playing partners and relationships on the course.

You’ve had sex on a golf course.

Yes — 10.4%
No — 89.6%

You’ve walked off the course in the middle of a round because of an irritating playing partner.

Yes — 3.9%
No — 96.1%

The outcome of a round has ruined a relationship.

Yes — 1.2%
No — 98.8%