Haney on Tiger: ‘That’s a swing he could win with’

October 16, 2017

Everyone has an opinion on Tiger’s “new” golf swings, which have appeared on the internet over the last couple of weeks. But here’s one that’s worth paying attention to: Tiger’s former swing coach Hank Haney chimed in Monday afternoon, and he seems to like what he sees.

“That’s a swing he could win with,” Haney posted on Twitter in response to a Golf Channel tweet showing Woods’s driver swing from Sunday night. He added, “it’s not across the line and stuck inside coming down, a little stiff looking but it’s good enough.”

Exactly when we’ll first see the new swing in competition — and evaluate its effectiveness — remains anyone’s guess. Woods could still play in his own tournament, the Hero World Challenge, Nov. 30-Dec. 3, but is more likely to attempt a return sometime in 2018. Until then, bring on more videos!