Greg Norman Believes Donald Trump Will Succeed as President

November 16, 2016
Norman 1.jpg

While some of the country may be divided on how Donald Trump will fare as President of the United States, he does have one major supporter in Greg Norman.

In a column for Newsweek, Norman said he was not surprised Trump was elected and that he is optimistic about the next four years of a Trump-governed United States of America. 

Norman writes: “Donald, for all his bluster, rhetoric and aggressive style of messaging, caught the attention of those that needed a rudder for their forgotten ship and beliefs. Like it or not, he made a poignant and powerful impact on a base that sat sadly alienated. I have spoken to Donald on numerous occasions since the election and I think he will surprise many with what he will do with the presidency, but not himself. He has a clear vision.”

Another reason Norman is excited for Trump to take the reins as commander-in-chief? An opportunity to tee it up with another president.

“For obvious reasons, I am glad we have another golfer in the White House,” Norman wrote. “We all know that Trump is passionate about the sport and like many presidents before him, I am sure he will use the golf course as a stress-reliever. I have been lucky enough to play with previous presidents, so I am hoping the trend continues with President-elect Trump.”