The best Max Homa moments from his GOLF Magazine cover shoot

Max Homa makes his cover star debut gracing GOLF Magazine's inaugural issue of 2023.

Max Homa is a lot of things: a five-time Tour winner, Presidents Cupper, new father, Twitter expert, and now a GOLF Magazine cover star. We got to see all kinds of sides to Homa while spending a day with him in Scottsdale, Arizona and came away with several videos from that day. Good news: We’ve compiled all of ’em below! This is your one-stop shop for all things Max Homa. (And you can find that cover story here.)

1. Max Homa’s new gig

Homa’s father is an acting coach but he said he never felt the calling of the stage — but he’s clearly a natural.

2. Take a long, tee-to-green walk with Max Homa

We follow along as Max attempts to birdie a par-5 at one of his favorite courses in Arizona, all while answering all sorts of questions – in a way that only Max can.

3. Max Homa’s advice for amateurs

Who better to dole out advice to ams than the pro most famous for (playfully) insulting their golf swings?

4. Anything But Golf with Max Homa

Our Claire Rogers asked the questions nobody else would dare to — or, more accurately, nobody else would think to.

5. Max Homa’s Greatest Tip Ever

It sounds simple when he says it…

6. What’s in Max Homa’s bag?

All aboard! We’re headed on a tour through Homa’s golf bag. Including an admission about blades, an explanation of his mixed set and his favorite accessory.

Connor Federico

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