11-year-old makes ace, wins Volkswagen he can’t drive

September 17, 2018

Plenty of lifelong golfers never get the joy of an elusive ace. But even though he may not be able to see over a steering wheel, one British pre-teen’s hole-in-one was rewarded with far more than personal satisfaction.

Eleven-year-old Sonny Priestly was among the 84 participants at Hadzor’s Gaudet Luce Club in Worcestershire, all congregating to raise money for cancer research. He stepped up to the 175-yard par-3 11th hole and striped a tee shot that clanked off the pin and fell in for an ace. Then Priestly “dropped his club and ran off down the fairway with everyone chasing him,” according to the Worcester News.

Even better, No. 11 was insured as the day’s featured hole, meaning Priestly’s ace won him a VW Polo. Not that it’s worth much to him at the moment — England’s laws dictate he won’t be piloting anything more than a golf cart for years to come.

Priestly is a 28 handicap who plays for his junior team and a “fantastic talent,” according to his coach. And he did gain one benefit from falling in the pre-driver’s license age bracket: he wasn’t obligated to buy anyone drinks.

You can read more about the miracle ace here.