‘Just turn pro’: Drew Stoltz’s U.S. Four-Ball run was nearly ended … by high schoolers

Once you become a mid-amateur, the competition just gets younger and younger.

Take GOLF’s Subpar co-host Drew Stoltz‘s run with partner Drew Kittleson to the finals of the USGA Four-Ball Championship two weeks ago. The duo played a bevy of tight matches, including the final four going at least 17 holes each, on their way to making the finals for the second straight year.

That included a tough test in the form of Blades Brown and Jackson Herrington in their quarterfinal match that had to be completed the next morning due to darkness.

To answer your first question, yes “Blades” is his real name and he is just 15 years old. So was Herrington for that matter.

“I got a text from [PGA Tour player] Scott Stallings before because they’re Tennessee kids,” Stoltz told his co-host Colt Knost on this week’s episode of Subpar. “He’s like, ‘These are my boys. This Blades kid is my guy. They’re good.’ All this type of stuff.”

2023 USGA Four-Ball
What’s it like to play in a USGA championship match? Drew Stoltz explains
By: Jessica Marksbury

Stolz recalled that the team the pair of high schoolers dispatched in the round of 16 earlier that morning featured NHL referee Garrett Rank who has an extensive playing resume including winning the prestigious Western Amateur and qualifying for the 2018 U.S. Open.

The teenagers had Team Drew on the ropes early in the match, going three up through nine holes. However, Team Drew made a charge on the back with five birdies and hung on to par the 18th hole for a 1 Up victory after play was called Tuesday night.

There wasn’t a lot of chatter with that group. I felt like they were locked into their zone. They’re good,” Stoltz said. “Good news is that we won. Bad news is that next year they’ll be 16. They’re gonna be better.”

“I hope they turn pro or get in college quick,” Kittleson added.

“Yeah, just turn pro, I think that’s the right move,” Stoltz said, somewhat sarcastically.

For more from Stoltz and Kittleson on their run at the 2023 U.S. Amateur Four-Ball, check out the full interview below.

Jack Hirsh

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