‘Dangerous Golf’ Video Game Brings Destruction to Golf World

January 28, 2016

It’s “NFL Blitz” meets golf. “Dangerous Golf” video game isn’t about making birdies, it’s about wreacking havoc. 

Ever work on your pitching inside and knock over a lamp with an errant shot? Well in “Dangerous Golf” that is quite literally the point of the game. You earn points while bringing destruction to virtural locations. 

The game, from Three Fields Entertainment, even pays homage to games “NBA Jam” and “NFL Blitz” with a flaming golf ball to add an even greater impact to your golf-related reign of terror. 

Destroy a hotel room like a golf-themed rock band, or maybe channel your inner Cinderella and angrily demolish a palace ballroom (glass golf slippers sold separately). 

There’s even an outdoor “course” where you get a chance to take apart a rural gas station because why the heck not? 

The game will be available for purchase in May.