‘It’s huge’: Collin Morikawa talks the importance of reaching world No. 1

Collin Morikawa might be just 25 years old, but his resume is already unimpeachable. Since turning pro in the summer of 2019, Morikawa has won six times worldwide, played on a victorious Ryder Cup team and won two major championships. Pretty stout for someone who just three years ago was a college senior at Cal.

His resume is already among the most impressive of any of his contemporaries, but he still has yet to reach one monumental peak in his short career: ascending to world No. 1.

Collin Morikawa tees off during the third round of the 2021 Masters.
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By: Josh Berhow

“It’s huge,” Morikawa said on GOLF’s Subpar of how important it is for him to reach world No. 1. “I don’t think it will define everything of who I am if I never get there, but it’s a huge goal for me, because it means I’m doing a lot of things right.”

As it stands currently, there is only one golfer ahead of Morikawa in the World Golf Ranking, Spaniard Jon Rahm. And Morikawa knows if he wants to unseat the defending U.S. Open winner from his seat atop the sport, it will take a stretch of incredible consistency.

“Since Day 1, I’ve always talked about consistency,” Morikawa said. “I’ve always wanted to be that Rory McIlroy when I was turning pro; someone who finished top five, top seven every single event for 10 straight events. That’s what I wanted to do.

“Being world No. 1 is pretty much defining that,” he continued. “I’m doing everything right. I’m doing all that on the course right, I’m winning, I’m contending. It’s an accumulation of everything put together.”

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