Chromax Golf Balls: Never Lose Sight of Your Golf Ball Again

March 25, 2015

Chromax wants you to never lose track of your ball. Each of its models — M1x, Distance and Optimum Visibility (O.V.) — is bright and beautiful for ultimate viewability.

Just how does Chromax make such gaudy, glowing balls?

Each model has a fluorescent layer underneath a translucent Surlyn coating, creating a reflective effect. The M1x, the company’s first high-visibility entry, is a two-piece, 75 compression ball with a high-energy molded core and a 432-dimple pattern.

The O.V. (Chromax’s newest product) is designed to further enhance visibility through the air and on the ground. It has a slightly larger core than the M1x. From $10.50 for 3.

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