Brandel Chamblee, David Duval Lead Heated Execution v. Leadership Debate

September 28, 2016
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The abilities and limitations of Ryder Cup captains make for great debate every time the event takes place.

Whether or not captains matter, and how much their decisions matter to the success of a team earned the entirety of a book published earlier this month. Is their leadership more important than the actions of the players?

Golf Channel analysts Brandel Chamblee and David Duval stirred the debate Tuesday night on “Live From the Ryder Cup.” Chamblee is on the leadership bandwagon.

“The leadership of every team determines whether or not teams win,” Chamblee said. He later added, “A team takes on the personality of its leadership. If there is apathetic leadership, there will be an apathetic performance.”

Duval, on the other hand, believes more in player execution.

“It boils down to making putts, executing golf shots,” Duval said. The debate grew in contentiousness throughout, and lasted just short of 10 minutes. Watch the entire clip below.