Anti-Golf Protester Hugs Tree, Tree Lets Go

March 25, 2015

A New Orleans demonstrator who spent nearly two weeks in a tree to protest the construction of a $24 million golf course in City Park has fallen out of the tree, according to a story on

Jonathan “Lloyd” Boover was one of two protestors—along with a lady who called herself “Heart”—who camped out in the tree to voice frustrations over construction of the golf course. Boover was taken away from the scene on a stretcher and transported in an ambulance Tuesday morning. He reportedly suffered a broken nose, in addition to foot and knee injuries when the hammock he was laying in flipped over.

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Witnesses told that a police officer who was keeping watch over Boover assisted the New Orleans resident after the fall. A warrant for Boover’s arrest on disturbing the peace and criminal trespassing charges was apparently issued by the sheriff’s office.

Boover’s partner in protest, Heart, came down from the tree last week. The pair climbed into the tree March 13 and was aided by friends who provided food, water and encouragement throughout the demonstration. The protest was based on frustrations over plans for the land that had been open to the public since floods from Hurricane Katrina damaged the course.

Lloyd’s friend Twila Hoyle said he had a cell phone and a solar-powered charger with him in the tree. Lloyd was providing daily updates on the protest from his Facebook page, which includes photos and videos of the protest.

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