Adam Scott Not Interested In Playing Olympics

May 14, 2015

Adam Scott has made it clear that he’s not interested in shuffling around his schedule for a chance to represent Australia at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

In an interview with Reuters at the Wells Fargo Championship, Scott referred to the Olympics as an ‘exhibition,’ and said he doesn’t think golf belongs there.

“Most of the athletes at the Olympics, probably have trained four years specifically to peak at this one event,” said Scott. “It’s the pinnacle of their sport…They get one crack at their big thing every four years. They have put their life on hold for this event and it’s so important to them, and I feel it’s their time.”

Scott still has a shot at making the cut for the Australian Olympic team, but says he won’t rearrange his schedule just because of that.

“I’m not definitely ruling it out but certainly I’m not planning my schedule around playing the Olympics,” Scott said. “I’m planning my schedule around playing majors the best I can. If I can fit going to the Olympics into that, it might be a bit of fun, then lucky me if I qualify.

“But if not, I’m not going to miss it, that’s for sure,” he continued, “And I’ll enjoy watching (the major Olympic sports).”

Based on his 11th-place world ranking, Scott would qualify for one of two Team Australia slots alongside Jason Day. Participants are determined by a rolling ranking lasting two years, from the 2014 Open Championship to the 2016 edition at Royal Troon.

Scott continued:

“Whether I win an Olympic medal or not is not going to define my career or change whether I’ve fulfilled my career. It’s nothing I’ve ever aspired to do and I don’t think I ever will. It’s all about the four majors and I think that’s the way it should stay for golf. To go and play an exhibition event down there to meet some athletes (in other sports) in the middle of the major season, I don’t think any other athletes in their sport would do that.”

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This is not the first time Scott has spoken out against tour pros attending the Olympics, nor is he the only pro to think so.

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