Can you still post scores to your handicap? It depends where you live

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A quick trivia question: What was Sunday? No, it was not Halloween. I mean, yes, it was, but that’s not the correct answer here, at least not for golf nerds. The answer we are looking for was the final day in the active season for many state golf associations. In short: some of you can’t post scores right now.

In case this is new to you, here’s a quick summary: While some golf associations allow you to post scores for your handicap year-round, many others are seasonal. During the active window for seasonal clubs — which is basically the spring, summer and fall — you can post scores as usual. But when the season is inactive you are no longer allowed to post. Why? To keep your handicap accurate.

The reasoning is that seasonal weather impacts course conditions, which will then impact your score, which would then impact your handicap — meaning it wouldn’t be a true reflection of your game. So in the northern states where you can’t play golf year-round, there are active and inactive seasons. The dates of the active seasons fluctuate depending on the association, but the final active day to post handicaps for many was on Sunday. Other seasonal associations have their active windows close later this month.

However, if you live in a state where the season is inactive but travel south and play within an active association, you need to still post those scores.

Below is the complete list of associations with seasonal schedules, including their active season dates. If an association is not listed it’s because it’s a year-round active season. For more information, click here. And if you are still playing in an active but seasonal location, get out while you can!

State Golf Association — Active season dates

Alaska Golf Association — April 1-Oct. 31
Colorado Golf Association — March 15-Nov. 14
Connecticut State Golf Association — April 1-Nov. 14
Delaware State Golf Association — April 1-Nov. 14
Idaho Golf Association — March 1-Nov. 14
Chicago District Golf Association — April 1-Oct. 31
Indiana Golf Association — March 1-Nov. 14
Iowa Golf Association — April 1-Nov. 14
Central Links Golf (Kanas) — March 1-Dec. 31
Kentucky Golf Association — March 1-Nov. 30
Maine State Golf Association — April 15-Oct. 31
Maryland State Golf Association — March 15-Nov. 14
Massachusetts Golf Association — April 1-Nov. 14
Golf Association of Michigan — April 1-Oct. 31
Minnesota Golf Association — April 1-Oct. 31
Metropolitan Amateur Golf Association (Missouri) — March 1-Nov. 14
Missouri Golf Association — March 1-Nov. 14
Montana State Golf Association — April 1-Oct. 31
Nebraska Golf Association — March 15-Nov. 14
New Hampshire Golf Association — April 1-Nov. 14
New Jersey State Golf Association — April 1-Nov. 14
Metropolitan Golf Association (N.Y.) — April 1-Nov. 14
New York State Golf Association — April 15-Oct. 31
Rochester District Golf Association — April 15-Oct. 31
Northern Nevada Golf Association — March 15-Nov. 30
North Dakota Golf Association — March 15-Nov. 15
Greater Cincinnati Golf Association (Ohio) – March 15-Nov. 14
Miami Valley Golf Association (Ohio) – March 15-Nov. 30
Northern Ohio Golf Association — April 1-Oct. 31
Ohio Golf Association — March 15-Nov. 30
Toledo District Golf Association (Ohio) — April 1-Oct. 31
Oregon Golf Association — March 1-Nov. 30
Golf Association of Philadelphia — April 1-Nov. 14
Western Pennsylvania Golf Association — April 1-Nov. 14
Rhode Island Golf Association — April 1-Nov. 14
South Dakota Golf Association — April 1-Oct. 31
Utah Golf Association (Northern Section) — March 15-Nov. 14
Vermont Golf Association — April 15-Oct. 31
Washington State Golf Association — March 1-Nov. 14
West Virginia Golf Association — March 1-Nov. 30
Wisconsin State Golf Association — April 1-Oct. 31
Wyoming Golf Association — April 1-Oct. 31


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