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The fans brought their A game to TPC Scottsdale on Friday.

The fans brought their A-game to TPC Scottsdale on Friday.

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Hello friends, and happy Round 3 of the WM Phoenix Open! I write to you all from the safety of the media center here on Friday night, where I’ve managed to escape a very muddy day on the course. So muddy, in fact, that the media parking lots have been closed because of cars getting stuck in the mud there. I’ve parked much further away in general parking the last two days, and want to take a moment to shout out Apple for its “drop a pin” feature on their Maps app. I would not be able to find my car in the middle of a field in the middle of a city if my life depended on it. Fortunately, “drop a pin” means I don’t have to.

It was very chilly when I arrived at the course this morning, but nothing this Boston gal couldn’t handle.

Before we get into all the action, I have to admit that I just learned that Sahith Theegala is sponsored by Adobe. Thanks to Chris Powers for bringing it to my attention.

I need to see a video of Theegala working in Photoshop or Premiere like us media folks. Adobe, there’s a free idea for your next commercial.

The 9 best lines overheard at the WM Phoenix Open

Some of the best people-watching in the world occurs at TPC Scottsdale this week, where the intersecting party and golf vibes of the WM Phoenix Open result in all manner of unusual golf course behavior.

I like to see what people are wearing, but I love to hear what people are saying. On Friday I decided to commit to writing down some one-liners I picked up on as I passed fans on the course — an activity I was admittedly particularly excited about doing because I tend to be nosey.

After a day’s worth of snooping, I come bearing some true gifts of the human experience at the Greatest Show on Turf. Here, in some particular order, are the Rogers Report’s Official Nine Best One-Liners Overheard at the WM Phoenix Open:

1. “Do you think my boss knows I’m not really sick?”


2. “I can’t believe Maggie didn’t bring Tito’s.”

Maggie, if you’re a PA and were meeting your friends at the course this morning, you let some of your pals down. I’m hoping you made up for it by purchasing a round of drinks for your crew.

3. “This is my first time out of the house in like three weeks. I can’t be stopped today.”

I heard this from a guy waiting to head up to the stadium on 16, and unfortunately, I was left to wonder why he hasn’t been out much. Either way, I hope his debut back into the real world (can we even consider this event a part of the “real world?” — I digress) went well. Talk about going from zero to 100.

4. “This is why I told you not to wear heels!”

This was my personal favorite, and I think it speaks for itself. Gals, if you’re going to a golf tournament, I highly encourage you to wear sneakers. I have nothing but respect for you if you commit to the heels, but on a muddy day like today (or truthfully, really any day on a golf course with hills that can result in sprained ankles), it probably won’t end well.

5. “Let’s get some beers before we hop in this line.”

Spoken by a group of guys who decided to get out of the line for the 16th grandstand and head into another long line to get drinks. A perfect reflection of what this weekend is about for a lot of the fans here.

6. “I took out $700 this morning and it’s all gone.”

This woman had a big bag from the merchandise tent with her, so it’s safe to say she’ll be rocking the WM Phoenix Open logo for the next month.

7. “You call the Uber. My phone died six hours ago.”

Been there.

8. “Woah. They have floor seats in golf!”

More on this later.

9. “I think about 10 percent of the people here want to watch golf. The rest just want to party.”

Difficult to disagree.

Fan outfits

On Friday I also set out to find the best and loudest outfits on the course, and was very pleasantly surprised with my findings. A lot of fans show up to the WM Phoenix Open in matching outfits with their friends, which I think is awesome. It’s definitely not something you see at most PGA Tour events, so thanks to all the friend groups who allowed me to take their photo today!

The absolute best group outfit of the day came from Lululemon, who supported their newest athlete, Min Woo Lee, also known as “The Chef.” Lulu sent a massive group of guys decked out in their apparel with chef’s hats bearing Lee’s slogan — “let him cook” — written on them.

Imagine getting a free Lululemon outfit and tickets to a golf tournament? Talk about a dream come true. What a fun way to bring attention to Lulu’s new golf line and the brand’s newest ambassador, Min Woo.

The Lululemon guys might not have been huge golf fans before the day began, but I’m hopeful that they left feeling excited about Lee’s game.

Family week!

One thing I’ve noticed at the WM Phoenix Open this week that differs from many weeks on Tour is just how many PGA Tour families are out on the course. Pros’ families are usually outside the ropes during events, but this week, wives, parents, kids and close friends are inside the ropes with the players. It’s been so fun to watch Justin Thomas check in on his parents mid-round, Scottie Scheffler’s wife and parents take in the action on the 16th hole and Cam Young’s toddler get a mid-round first bump from his dad.

Seats on 16!

Attention, ladies and gentlemen: You can now sit courtside at a PGA Tour event. Or should I say teeside? Anyway, these seats are a new addition to the 16th hole at the WM Phoenix Open this year, and they’ve been a huge hit for some celebrities who have come through.

These bad boys aren’t cheap — apparently the seats retail for $24,000. But I only saw celebrities and athletes there today, who I was told did not have to pay for the real estate. Among some notable names I spotted were Cody Ballinger, Corey Seager, Kygo, and — for all my TikTok watchers out there — Xandra Pohl! And not to toot my own horn, but two people recognized me on the course today, so maybe I should get an invite to hang out in the teeside suite tomorrow. Don’t worry, I’m mostly kidding.

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