PGA Championship weather forecast: Will rain impact the PGA?

A weather warning sign at the PGA Championship.

Here's the weather forecast for the year's second major, the 2024 PGA Championship at Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville, Ky.

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We’re only two days into PGA Championship week, but the area weather forecast has already thrown the tournament a bit of a curveball.

Play during Tuesday’s practice round was suspended at 9:50 a.m. ET due to potentially dangerous weather approaching. That led to pouring rain for 30 minutes at Valhalla Golf Club, in the outskirts of Louisville, Ky., and the PGA decided to briefly suspend pre-tournament interviews.

Thankfully, after the initial storm passed, players eventually resumed their preparation for the year’s second major and 10:36 a.m., but not without some intermittent rain for another 30 minutes. And it likely won’t be the last time play is suspended at Valhalla this week either. Weather was a big factor at the last PGA Championship played in Valhalla in 2014, although that tournament was played in August. This will be the first PGA held at Valhalla since the event moved to May in 2019.

The latest forecast shows more potential for thunder and lighting on Wednesday and Friday, although there is no expectation for signficant rainfall, as of now. The good news is the weekend weather looks sunny and warm after Saturday morning, so if there are any delays Friday or Saturday, there should be enough time to catch up before Sunday evening, when someone lifts the Wanamaker Trophy.

The PGA Championship's Wanamaker trophy sits on the course at Valhalla Golf Club.
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By: Kevin Cunningham

Here’s the latest official weather forecast for PGA week at Valhalla:

PGA Championship weather forecast

From the Official PGA Championship meteorologist Stewart Williams.

(This article will be updated throughout the week as new forecasts are released.)


Weather: Showers/t-storms likely
Rain Probability: 80%
Rainfall: 0.5″ to 1″ with higher amounts locally
Lightning Probability: 80%
Temp: High of 71˚
Wind: SSE 6-12 mph


Weather: Scattered showers and t-storms
Rain Probability: 60%
Rainfall: 0.20”-0.40”
Temp (Low/High): 60˚/73˚
Wind: NE to WSW 4-8 mph


Weather: Partly cloudy
Rain Probability: 20%
Rainfall: N/A
Temp (Low/High): 56˚/80˚
Wind: WSW 5-10 mph


Weather: Scattered showers and slight chance of t-storms
Rain Probability: 90%
Lightning Probability: 50%
Rainfall: 0.25”-0.5”
Temp (Low/High): 62˚/73˚
Wind: S-SW 6-12 mph


Weather: Fog likely to burn off between 8 and 9 a.m. Otherwise partly cloudy with a chance of isolated t-storms
Rain Probability: 25%
Rainfall: 0.1”-0.2”
Temp (Low/High): 63˚/81˚
Wind: E to NE 4-8 mph


Weather: Mostly sunny
Rain Probability: 0%
Rainfall: N/A
Temp (Low/High): 61˚/85˚
Wind: N to NE 5-10 mph

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