Scottie Scheffler’s group chat was blowing up after PGA arrest

Pro golfers are just like us. When something wild in their life happens, their group chat starts blowing up too.

The only difference is that “something wild” isn’t usually getting arrested on national TV right before going to play the second round of a major championship.

But we’re sure you can find something to relate it to.

You know the story by now. Scheffler was arrested on his way to his second-round tee time at the PGA Championship, was released and subsequently shot 66. Although he faded from contention with a 73 Saturday and Xander Scauffele eventually lifted the Wanamaker Trophy.

Schauffele, who’s friends with Scheffeler, did a special episode of GOLF Subpar this week with hosts Colt Knost and Drew Stoltz and recounted his perspective of the ordeal last Friday. At first, he didn’t believe it.

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By: Sean Zak

“The only thing he hurts is a golf ball and other competitors’ feelings most of the time. But that’s literally the extent of the damage Scottie Scheffler is capable of doing. He’s a solid guy all around,” Schauffele said. “I thought it was a prank.”

Of course, once the gravity of the situation was realized, and Scheffler ultimately released, that didn’t stop Schauffele and some other pros from poking fun at the World No. 1. Schauffele and Scheffler share a physio, Marnus Marais, and are in a group chat together with some of his other clients like Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth.

Although, Schauffele did not divulge exactly some of the digs that were thrown at Scheffler.

“It was a fun poke. It wasn’t like a mean poke. It was fun,” Schauffele said. “I mean, the mug shot was posted, you know, and then someone changed the name of the group chat, like, ‘Please make it tomorrow, Scottie,’ or something like that.”

Schauffele admitted they also had a bit of trouble coming up with good material.

“We wanted to like be peaceful. And Scottie, when he’s with us, he’s so chill, you know, like, if our table makes fun of him, he’s fine,” Schauffele said. “But like, if someone else makes fun of him, we kind of look at him like, ‘You can’t say that.'”

You can watch to Schauffele’s complete Subpar appearance below as he breaks down everything from PGA week.

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