PXG’s new apparel line is every bit as bold as you’d expect it to be

Among PXG's new offerings are a Bold Jacket ($265) with a vest and Two-Tone Darkness Polo ($125)


The new age of golf apparel is upon us. Modern golfers want their golf clothes to look and perform great on the golf course, but they also want to be stylish and comfortable at dinner afterward.

PXG (Parsons Xtreme Golf) is continuing to move that golf-leisure space forward with its new spring/summer line of apparel for 2020. Like the company’s brand of golf clubs — founded by Bob Parsons — its brand of apparel favors the bold. Renee Parsons, the president of apparel at PXG (and Bob’s wife), recognizes the harmony between PXG’s golf clubs and its apparel.

“I think PXG is known to be bold and a rule breaker and a maverick,” Renee told GOLF.com. “It’s fun. It’s for people who want to be different and want to make a statement with their clothes. It’s for people who care about what kind of golf clubs they hit; they care about what they’re wearing at the time, whether it be golf, after golf, out to dinner, or out with friends.”

The new collection includes options for inclement weather. PXG

Of course, PXG isn’t the only company that caters to the modern golfer, but Renee says that the DNA of PXG is a differentiating factor.

“In the leisure market, everybody is hungry for bold, fresh collections, whether they’re on the golf course or not,” she says. “We’re looking at that as a niche for us: attention to detail, bold, very much PXG. That in-and-of itself is a differentiating feature. We have the DNA of the brand baked-in, and then we have different touches that add to that throughout the collection and details.”

Parsons began developing the PXG apparel brand in 2018, bringing with her a lifetime appreciation for art and fashion.

“When I was little I would sketch all the time. My mom would get catalogues and magazines from fashion publications,” Parsons said. “That was my inspiration. I would mostly sketch women’s silhouettes and designs…I’m a huge art fan and collector now. There are so many similarities between art and fashion. I love to see people’s creativity, whether it’s a piece of art on the wall or how they construct something to put around someone’s body. It’s all art to me and I love it, I’m super interested in it.”

With that passion, Parsons and her team meticulously design pieces of PXG apparel. The attention to detail is exemplified in the new line by way of intricate buttons, embossed PXG logos, creatively placed branding, and even mindfulness of where pockets are placed. (As a golfer, Renee knows pocket placement matters.)

Lilac Polo and Big Logo Skirt

PXG adds a splash of color into the collection with lilac options, and the Big Logo skirt creatively uses the PXG logo in a bold way.

If you know anything about the PXG brand, then you know black-and-white are its signature colors. Parsons, however, added a splash of color into the line with limited-edition lilac pieces (as pictured above) for 2020.

Essential Camo and Windowpane Polos

These men’s polos add some flair to performance-driven shirts made with quick-dry and two-way stretch materials

From a performance aspect, the line includes two-way stretch materials, quick-drying technology, and fiber constructions. The 2020 lineup has a wide array of options for both men and women, offering everything from shorts and skirts, to vests and jackets. Some designs feature a classic look, while others are certainly a bit more bold. In the world of PXG, bold is a good thing.

Check out PXG’s full Spring/Summer apparel line for 2020 on its website.

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