This golf-loving dog is turning your bad tee shots into charity

Davos the dog on the day he gave $1,000 to a local humane society.

If finding golf balls was so easy, whole corners of the golf industry would collapse. There’d be no refurbished ball business. Maintenance staffs would not have to trim course borders meticulously. And, well, Davos the gog would have to find a new hobby.  

But thankfully, finding golf balls is not easy. You know that. The strongest eyesight in the world is only so good at tracking the white, dimpled darts from hundreds of yards away. Davos, however, seems to do it better than anyone, or anything, we’ve come across. 

Davos is a Minnesota Bernese mountain pup that specializes in finding golf balls alongside its owner Al Cooper. The duo was featured this week by the local CBS News affiliate when finding hundreds of golf balls helped lead to a generous donation to the local humane society. But before that, here’s the business plan.

Davos and Cooper spend their time traipsing around the edge of a nearby course, sniffing through the fescue, unearthing the little prized possessions we play this game with. Davos scoops them up with his snout, and even drops them into the storage bin on the backside of Cooper’s golf cart. It’s become the dog’s favorite pastime — at least that’s what it seems! — and a treasured activity for Cooper, too. According to the news story, Cooper was battling cancer when Davos came into his life. They’ve been an inseparable duo ever since.

“I call him my rescue dog,” Cooper told WCCO. “Because he rescued me in a sense.”

Their work is going to help rescue other pups, too. Collecting, cleaning and reselling all those golf balls has become a Cooper family sidegig, leading to Thursday’s local “Give to the Max Day,” where Davos dished out a $1,000 check to the humane society. That’s right, a dog who can find golf balls better than you, and do it all for charity along the way. 

You can check out the full video (with much more Davos) right here

Sean Zak Editor

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