Hovland, Homa, Augusta and more: These were our 5 most-watched videos of 2023

These were some of GOLF's top videos of 2023.


Golf videos are more popular now than they’ve ever been. Thankfully, many of you chose to watch golf videos from GOLF.com in 2023.

The features you’ll watch below span from instruction content critical to your game to untold stories from the most likable PGA Tour stars. Our top 5 videos of the year truly remind us why we all love golf so much.

5. The Short Game Chef’s modern approach to greenside shots

PGA Tour winner Parker McLachlin is the Short Game Chef, working with students online and in person to transform their chipping, pitching, and bunker game.

On these key shots, McLachlin believes that most amateur golfers are learning the basics the wrong way. That’s why he teamed up with GOLF.com to create Myth Busters, a series helping to correct and modernize your short game.

If you’re looking for more ways to improve your golf game, check out all our instruction videos featuring GOLF Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers in America.

4. Seen & Heard at The Ryder Cup

Was it an American Ryder Cup win? No. But was it still exciting, dramatic, and captivating? Absolutely yes. Relive the week in Rome through the eyes of our GOLF.com crew with Seen & Heard.

From Team Europe’s stunning start to their wild winning celebrations, we’re giving you an inside look at everything that made the 2023 Ryder Cup special.

In the video below, you’ll catch behind-the-scenes stories from a memorable Saturday at Marco Simone Golf Club featuring Patrick Cantlay, Joe LaCava, and Rory McIlroy.

3. Tee to Green with Max Homa

6-time PGA Tour winner Max Homa is known widely for his authentic personality. He’s a rare example of a golfer making a name for themselves online, and then following it up with on-course success, rather than the other way around.

But now, Homa tells GOLF.com he no longer wants to be known for his “swing roasts” or online persona. He wants to let his play do the talking. He tells great stories from meeting Michael Jordan to getting roasted for using AimPoint by Justin Thomas.

If you’re a big Max Homa fan, we have a massive suite of content from 2023’s first GOLF Magazine cover shoot. Here’s the best swing tip he ever got, his advice for amateur golfers, a fun feature on his life at home, and Dylan Dethier’s GOLF Magazine cover story.

2. Want to hit your driver like Viktor Hovland? He explains how

We met with Viktor Hovland just before his stellar finish to an exciting PGA Tour season. With wins at the BMW, The Tour Championship, and The Ryder Cup, golf’s favorite Norwegian cemented his status as a top player in the world.

In this video, Hovland breaks down some of the unconventional moves that allow him to create more power than almost anyone in the world. He also offers some advice to regular golfers hoping to shed their slice with the driver.

For more Viktor content, check out his GOLF Magazine cover story from this summer, or his full range session and sit-down interview with Dylan Dethier.

1. Augusta Anonymous: Superintendent dishes out Masters maintenance secrets

There’s a reason you don’t know many behind-the-scenes details of what goes on at Augusta National – their members, guests, employees, and volunteers are all sworn to secrecy.

We shot our subject in silhouette and ran his audio through a voice changer to make sure he couldn’t be identified. Is that a bit much for an interview about golf course maintenance? Admittedly, yes. But would you want to ruin someone’s relationship with ANGC? No way.

Our inside source gives all the details on the equipment, processes, and volunteer superintendents from around the country that make Masters Week so special.

Learn more about the many mowers and underground drainage systems that make Augusta National the best by clicking the video player below.

Connor Federico

Connor Federico

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