Nick Jonas on his Augusta National highlight and his new apparel collab with PXG

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas waves to the fans at the 2022 ACC Championship.

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He’s always been a sucker for golf and fashion. Now, an apparel collaboration with PXG has the pop star getting his passions aligned.

G: Hey Nick, how did you first get into golf?

NJ: When I was growing up in New Jersey, we had a family friend, who worked at a golf course, who would take me out when I was ten, 11, 12, just to learn about the game. And I fell in love with it.

G: What’s your handicap these days?

NJ: My index is a 7.2.

Nick Jonas
Nick Jonas in pieces from his new apparel collection, PXG x NJ. Courtesy of PXG

G: You’re one of the busiest guys in entertainment— touring with the Jonas Brothers, costarring on NBC’s Dancing with Myself, a solo recording career, a bit of acting. How do you find time to play?

NJ: I try to get out once, twice a week. Then, when we’re touring, we all love the game, so we would find ways to basically say, “How do we position ourselves in whatever city we’re in close enough to a golf course that we can pop out and play before the show?” That kind of became the MO.

G: Recently, you collaborated with PXG on a new golf apparel line, PXG x NJ. How did that come about?

NJ: I’ve been using their equipment for a number of years, gotten to know Bob and Renee Parsons pretty well, and really come to love what they’ve built with PXG. So, when they approached me about coming on to do this capsule collab, I was over the moon.

G: What’s key to being truly stylish, both on and off the course?

NJ: Nothing is impossible to pull off if you wear it with confidence and if you feel comfortable in your own skin. Leaning toward those things that really give you confidence is key.

G: In September, you celebrated your 30th birthday at Scottsdale National, which you described on Instagram as your favorite place in the world. What makes it so special?

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NJ: I joined there a couple of years ago and really fell in love with everything that they’ve built there. The golf is, I think, some of the best in the world. My brothers are both members now too. It’s a really special place for us. We can go there and disappear in a way, which is nice, and play as many holes of golf as we can possibly imagine.

G: Any other top courses that you’ve really loved?

NJ: I had the opportunity to play Augusta on the Monday after last year’s Masters. It blew me away.

G: Any highlights?

NJ: I hit a great drive on 11. The group teeing off on 12 was watching my shot into the green. And I just kind of walked up to my ball and knew I was going to hit a good shot. I hit it to, like, four feet. And they all cheered.

G: What happened next?

NJ: They pressured me to make the putt — and, of course, I pushed it. Still made a par! Editor

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