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Jim Nantz imitated Nick Faldo during a live broadcast (and then laughed about it)

July 1, 2019

Apparently Jim Nantz needed to step in and cover for co-worker Nick Faldo during the final round of the Rocket Mortgage Classic on Sunday at Detroit Golf Club.

It happened early in the afternoon during the fourth round CBS broadcast, when Brian Stuard was playing his second shot into the par-4 12th hole. That’s when on-course reporter Gary McCord broke down the shot, and then compared Stuard’s swing to Lee Trevino’s.

“This guy’s swing looks like Trevino, except Trevino held on just a little bit more,” McCord said. “Short, hooded,” — he pauses as Stuard makes contact — “but he hooks it. Doesn’t it, Nick? Does it look like kind of Trevino if he opened it up and cut it?”

On-course reporters chat with analysts in the booth all the time, but what happens when one of them isn’t there to respond? That seemed to be the issue here, with Faldo nowhere to be found. After a few seconds of silence — Nantz probably deciding what to do — Nantz said, “Eh, I guess you could say so,” in his best English accent (which wasn’t great). What makes the video even better is that you can hear someone (Nantz?) laughing after the comment.

You can listen for yourself below. Chris Chaney first tweeted the video and Scratch followed with its own.

So, where was Faldo? Who knows, but if he needed to take a quick break from the booth, for whatever reason, we’re glad he’s got friends like Nantz to jump in and help.