Why soccer superstar Harry Kane is investing in golf apparel

The golf-apparel marketplace doesn’t lack for options, but one up-and-coming brand is aiming to set itself apart by looking out for Mother Nature.

Reflo, a U.K.-based company founded in 2021, bills itself as “sustainable performancewear,” specializing in athleisure and golf apparel. While at first glance its online catalog reveals an assortment of familiar silhouettes — fashion-forward quarter-zips, hoodies, polos, tees — the construction of Reflo’s garments is what differentiates the brand.

The technical fabrics used in each piece are created from recycled waste like single-use plastics and coffee beans, with a goal of not only minimizing Reflo’s environmental impact but also improving upon it. For every purchase made, the company is helping to combat deforestation by sponsoring the planting of a tree in countries such as Madagascar and Mozambique.

Reflo’s sustainability efforts don’t end with its apparel line. The brand also has partnered with others who share its green ethos, from logistics and packaging practices to minimizing textile waste during production. Reflo’s “Reloop” collection, the golf industry’s first circular apparel solution, consists of a range of apparel that is designed to be recycled post-use.

Harry Kane plays his tee shot on the 2nd hole on Day Two of the ICON Series at Liberty National Golf Club on July 01, 2022 in Jersey City, New Jersey.
Soccer star Harry Kane on what separates great golfers from good ones
By: Jessica Marksbury

Earlier this year, English soccer star Harry Kane became the brand’s lead investor and now serves as Reflo’s global golf ambassador. His introduction to the clothing came at the Icons Series’ inaugural golf event at Liberty National, in New Jersey, in June 2022.

“I really liked the fit,” Kane told GOLF.com. “So I kind of started to get to know them a little bit more.”

Kane then met Reflo founder Rory MacFadyen.

“The relationship kind of grew from there,” he said. “And then, obviously, when we started to understand about the sustainability and what they’re trying to do with their products and how they’re making their products, it was really interesting. It’s something that I want to learn more about and get to know more about.”

Adds MacFadyen of his partnership with Kane’s team, “They truly believe in changing the game when it comes to sustainability and performance in sport.”

For Kane, that awareness has come, in part, from one of his other important roles: raising four children with his wife, Katie.

“I start to look at what the future looks like, not just for me, but for them as well,” he said. “When I’m choosing brands or looking at brands to be aligned with, I want them to share similar values to me. With sustainability, I’m no expert in it. I’m still getting to learn about it and know about it. And I think Reflo are helping me do that.

“If there’s anything I can do, even if it’s in a small proportion to help, then I want to be able to look back and say, ‘I’ve done what I could.’”

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