This 3-in-1 daily sunscreen for men makes skincare a breeze

Make skincare easy.


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Modern Ritual, formerly known as Get Mr., set out with one goal in mind: make skincare easier for men. The brand was co-founded by a dermatologist who noticed that men don’t typically have skincare routines the same way women do, and are oftentimes going without daily sunscreen. In fact, statistics say that by 2040, melanoma will be the number one cancer among men. So, they created The Daily — a 3-in-1 moisturizer, SPF and aftershave that men can put on every morning in one fell swoop. The cruelty-free formula is backed by science and is recommended by dermatologists for all skin types.

As golfers, we spend more time in the sun than most, so skincare is extra important. By adding The Daily to your daily routine, you can combat skin cancer risks, aging and irritation. If you buy this month, the brand is donating $1 from every order to The Skin Cancer Foundation.

The Daily 3-in-1 face lotion

Fresh. Simple. Safe. Every Damn Day®   Dermatologist Dr. G developed The Daily as the first everyday 3-in-1 non-greasy face lotion: a moisturizer to soothe & reduce signs of aging, with mineral sunscreen to protect and non-alcohol based aftershave to soothe all in one simple step.  Trusted by dermatologists nationwide, The Daily is the go-to for the misters who are looking to have their healthiest skin, for life.  * Safe for sensitive skin * Hypoallergenic * Non-comedogenic/ good for oily skin * Vegan * Cruelty-Free * Female & Family Founded   Our Difference It’s simple. Better ingredients, a non-greasy finish, and a focus on your health above all else. So maybe grab two, one for at-home and another for on-the-go to stay protected, feeling and looking your best, Every Damn Day®
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Emily Haas Contributor