5 things to buy to help you shoot lower scores (if you don’t own them already)

A golfer looks through a rangefinder.

Stop guessing your distances and buy a rangefinder to do the work for you.

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What’s the best way to shoot lower scores? Practice more and become more consistent is the most obvious answer, but there are things you can buy that will certainly help your quest. Some of them you might already own, others you might not, but here are five you should consider.

Rangefinder or GPS watch

Stop guessing with your yardages and get the facts. There are lots of different price points, so you can get a more affordable GPS watch that has measured distances to hazards and the front, middle and back of greens. Or spend a few more bucks and get distance devices that read exact pin locations and can even calculate slope. You’ll never realize how much it helps until you get one yourself.

Precision Pro NX2

The Precision Pro NX2 is an accurate, water resistant range finder. The NX2 is accurate up to one yard long or short, and has Target Acquisition technology to lock into your target quickly. Not only is this device very accurate, it has 6x magnification so you can see the terrain around your target, helping you place your shots even better. The NX2 has a 400 yard range in which it can pick up your requested target.
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Fitted golf clubs

I can speak from experience on this one. I had a fitting at GOLFTEC this summer and was told my lie angles on all my irons were way off, which will definitely affect your ball-striking. Even a simple fitting with your putter can help. I found a better shaft offset for me, bought a new flatstick and immediately saw better results. (Our sister company, True Spec Golf, also specializes in fittings.)

Alignment sticks

When I took lessons this summer, I was shocked to find my alignment was way off. I thought I was aiming directly at my target, but my feet were actually aimed left. A drill helped me straighten that out, but an alignment-stick purchase allowed me to continue to practice the correct alignment on the range. Now it’s been a part of my range routine prior to every round. It’s an extremely handy tool that you can also use for different drills on the range or when chipping or putting.

Golf Gifts & Gallery Pro-Stix Alignment Poles

The Pro-Stix Alignment Poles promote proper alignment, swing path and ball position.
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Indoor putting green

There’s a bunch of them, and they’ll all basically work, but keeping your putting stroke consistent in the offseason — talking to you, those who live up north! — will be huge come spring time.

Perfect Putting Mat – Standard Edition

Trusted & Used by Over 100+ PGA Tour Pros!
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The right golf ball

Some are softer. Some spin more. Some go farther. There’s one perfect for you, and it could make a difference.

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